oh goodness gracious, must i always start these updates with the same line? maybe i should... nevertheless, its been a busy week thus far! while i've accomplished far less than i care to admit, i've managed to spend time with some of the most fantastic people in my life. tonight is the first night in WELL over a week that i havent slept beside Mike. true story. i love cuddling up in bed with a movie and just falling asleep, and then seeing his adorable face upon awakening. as silly as it may sound to say this about a boy, i'm truly blessed to be where i am currently and to have someone who cares for me so incredibly much. he's quite amazing and it almost feels weird to be treated this well. however i stand by the fact that i most certainly deserve to be treated like a queen, as do all of you. and i do my absolute best to reciprocate that to him. it's amazing to just lay there with someone you can have SUCH an intelligent conversation with. forgive me for saying this, but hands down, most all of the boys i've dated in the past were just plain STUPID. i felt like i needed to dumb myself down to his level so that he could understand me. but mike has the intellect, and vocabulary to match, that anyone would be proud of. he's always so willing to help any and everywhere he can, and he's simply a breath of fresh air. absolutely brilliant brilliant brilliant! and to make things EVEN better, my mother adores him so (she always has) and my step-father already agrees. a funny sidenote: i (regretfully) broke up with mike for adam 3 years ago and my mother was SO livid. i remember conversations with her on multiple occasions for how selfish and ridiculous my decision was. granted, she knows i'm a grown woman and i can do as i please, however she was NOT a happy camper.

upon finding myself in a very very awful mood thanks to the ex, my mother simply said "don't worry about him. focus your energy on your relationship with mike because kaelah, you've got something good thing. i have a feeling this is exactly what you've been looking for"... maybe thats a lot of pressure to put on such a young relationship, but i have no expectations. i'm completely open to experiencing things as they come.

oh my goodness i'm gushing! i should really stop that :) i apologize for my 9th grade girl moment there. i'll just say that i'm incredibly happy with the turn of events. :)


on tuesday i ventured up to hendersonville to get tattooed. jason worked on the forearm of my sleeve for about 3 hours. we just filled in the black of the octopus' ink cloud up around my elbow. the tattoo didnt hurt at all, thank goodness. i just read trashy celebrity magazines the whole time, but man oh man, i was in pain for 2 solid days after. i'm still sore now. it was so bad i couldn't use my right arm all day yesterday. i even sported some blue saranwrap at our party last night!

after that i headed over to Mike's place and we watched some tv, ran many errands, started making the vodka gummies for the party the next night. we had an entire bag of gummie worms, then an entire bag of gummie bears. we sliced each in an area or three and poured an entire bottle of vodka over the top. i dont drink vodka, so i didnt partake in the consumption, but i was told they were WAY WAY potent. luckily a girl loved them so much, she asked for a huge ziploc bag of them. i gladly obliged, seeing as i didnt want them at my house afterward haha this photo is directly when i made them, over 2/3 of the vodka was soaked up within 18 hours.

at some point i managed to go to target, probably when i wasn't supposed to... seeing as target is my absolute evil when it comes to my bank account. man oh man, i wonder if its possible to be OCD with Target? like, i feel if i DONT go to target and buy dresses, etc, then i may die. serious. well... sort of. no, totally serious. here's 5 of the 7 dresses I bought.... ha! (the other 2 were just tank dresses, but totally cute tank dresses! and even better, they were on clearance! hey 2 dresses for $28!!!)

while running errands, we passed past the 4 tacky decorated houses that just so happen to be down the street from mike's house. these are the houses i claim tripped acid and then santa threw up on them. HOW ON EARTH IS A FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON RELEVANT TO CHRISTMAS?! oh wait, he's wearing a santa hat. TOTALLY MAKES SENSE, BRO!

the party was wednesday night and it was a lot of fun. i barely drank really, and i'm glad that was the case. i've been toying with the idea of giving it up completely. i'm beginning to think that even though i'm a bartender and i love to go out socially, a cleaner lifestyle is something that i should be focusing on at this point in my life. we'll see. i'm sure i'll continue to go out for beers with my friends randomly, but i even told Mike tonight that i've considered giving it up for a while. hmm.. anywhoo, lots of lovely faces showed up and i was grateful for everyone stopping by. the house was abuzz from about 8:30pm until 1:30am or so. i was so glad to crawl into bed at 2am. so so so glad. here's a picture of Caitlin, Tiffany, and myself. Tiff showed up in teh same exact dress as me, but the pink version! i color coded mine to match my blue saran wrap that you can't even see in teh picture. bummer!

today mike and i went to the mall, had some soup at panera, drove down to my parents' house in hohenwald, hung out, got dinner, and then he drove to his parents' house in lawrenceburg. i've been kicking it, watching shark tv shows, the jersey shore, and a straight edge documentary... livin' the life. baby g is snoring in front of me and i'm about to call it a night.

oh, peep the church marquee coming into my hometown. haha look familiar? it's the same quote that is on my upper arm in my right arm sleeve. but mine is the actual quote "i cannot change the direction of the wind but i can adjust my sails" niiiiceee.

OKAY! DONE NOW! I PROMISE TO NEVER GIVE YOU AN ENTRY THAT LONG EVER AGAIN! gah! mission accomplished! going to bed. goodnight all <3

ps; please do my formspring! just click HERE! its anonymous!


  1. I have the yellow ruffled dress (: I bought it a week ago, BEST $20 I've everrrr spent haha.

  2. Lol, I almost bought that purple and grey dress 2 days ago but decided against it hahaha.


  3. i agree, alexa! suchhh a good way to spend $20!

    and you shoulda jess! :P

  4. long entries are awesome though :)

    anyways, you're really good at curling your hair, it looked so pretty that day! is it naturally straight?

  5. yes ma'am its naturally straight! sometimes if i'm feeling frisky and i have a spare 45 minutes on hand, i'll curl my hair. i usually am pleased with the results so i wish i'd stop being a lazybones and do it more! :P thank you! <3

  6. thanks to you looking completely adorable in the the second dress and third dress i had to get them :) target is great for adorable dresses at cheap prices.


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