holy absentee batman!

so sorry for the whole 'not blogging' thing.. i suppose the end of the year brought a serious case of laziness... well, not so much laziness as just being a busy busy bee. oops, i should start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! hello 2010! you're looking mighty fine thusfar! i've been avoiding reading any of the new year resolutions in the comments of the giveaways because i want to be totally impartial when we choose one in a couple of days. ill just have mike read them aloud to me and we'll choose the best without seeing who left it. no favoritism here, ya know what i mean?! anywhoo, i'll kind of just throw in bits of what my week has consisted of.

it's been a LOT of vegan cooking with mike. fantastic! he's such a wonderful cook and i'm grateful that he actually enjoys cooking for me so that i dont have to. peep the photo below...i was definitely perched up on the counter eating a pickle sickle while he cooked. haha supervising at its finest!
the other night he cooked vegan veggie stirfry with wild rice tempeh and then brown rice. we also had vegan spring rolls. mmmm. it was SERIOUSLY like the best thing i've ever put in my mouth. no lies. im guilty of not liking to try new things but this was worth it.

c'mon... who WOULDN'T eat that? okay okay.. i digress. we've been tinkering around with new yummy foods to make and i can already tell that being vegan with mike is definitely going to make things a LOT easier. win! we' ve been keeping up with our tradition of waking up late, eating lunch at roughly 3:30 or 4pm and then coming home after errands, ginormous bubble baths, cooking dinner at 10pm and then crashing in bed and watching a movie. it's fool proof and i love it. the other night we watched like 3 episodes of Ace Of Cakes while laying in bed. I definitely made my love for that show contagious. he's now definitely a fan!

the past 2 nights we've made yummy veggie burgers and all that jazz. we had a very very very late lunch at blue coast burrito the other day after running errands in columbia and nashville so we decided to make it a full on date night. we ate, got ice cream before his vegan-ness became official today, and headed over to the movie theater to see Did You Hear About The Morgans?... well, we FINALLY got in the theater and it was CRAMMMMMED full of people. seriously. you could barely move. so we bailed and said we'd do that another night. instead we drove over to walgreen's to the redbox to rent Funny People but instead of just getting the movie and going home, we sat in the parking lot, in the car, and had an intense 1.5 hour conversation about our pasts and what it was like when we dated each other the first time around. Then we went home, cooked, and definitely just sat and talked for 2 or 3 more hours... never even watchign the movie. i love when you can have indepth conversations like that.

i feel so incredibly blessed to be with someone so amazing and i'm so so so grateful for him.

yesterday we took it fairly easy, grabbed lunch at genghis grill and just hung around for a bit. i had to leave for work at 7pm so we didnt get to spend new years together. kind of a bummer but i know nothing that silly and trivial will really play a huge part in our relationship. he had fun at a mutual friend's house party deal and i worked from 8pm til 2am. i really really did NOT want to go to work but i'm so glad i did. i made bank. it was really needed, too. we were so so so incredibly slammed so it was good. i'm not sure if any of you know how strange it is to be a bartender on new years eve with several hundred people in your bar and to be the only person there that abstains from any alcohol consumption... but its definitely interesting haha my job is DEFINITELY easier if you're under the influence of said alcohol, however i really enjoy not partaking in that so it all works out. i have to work again tonight and tomorrow so hopefully 3 nights of bringing home lots of cash monieeezzz. we'll see, i reckon!

it was awesome waking up to someone on the new year that i adore. and i've really been racking my brain for my ~new years resolutions. [honestly, i'm just like everyone else in the world... aka i'm really really bad at keeping them.. but i try to make them more tangible so here they are...]

my 2010 resolutions:
  • continue to be completely & totally open minded to what the future has in store for me.
  • absolutely BUST BALLS to rock my 2nd internship at BUST mag in NYC this summer.
  • save save save! starting this weekend, $500 a week into my savings. NO. EXCEPTIONS.
  • keep up with my blog regularly
  • practice what i preach [read: continue to be optimistic, work on my self-esteem and while its okay to be my own worst critic, i also need to learn to be my own biggest fan.]
  • continue to keep up with my moleskine on the daily. [it has seriously been one of the biggest AWESOME factors in my life. i swear by it. y'all need one.]
  • continue on my healthy stint [read: stay vegan, continue to abstain from any drugs or alcohol, continue to kick that soda habit, etc]
the reason i start many of these with "continue" is because i dont see the new year as being a "fresh start" like some people... i dont wait until the "end of a year" to kick nasty habits. the measurement of time is completely man-made and the universe has no concept of this. it's foolish to say "2009 was such a crappy year" and try to place all blame on the cosmic universe to what happened to you, or the habits you acquired, etc.. thats just silly! 2010 is not a tangible thing.. it's merely something that exists in our minds. now, its perfectly fine to try and use this as a tool to help trick/train yourself to do something, but don't rely on this measure of time as though it's a life line. anyway, sorry, that was my little sch-peal about it all. hope that wasn't offensive to anyone! i just get a little peeved when people rely on something like that to change their ways. :)

i can't wait to read all of your resolutions! post yours in a comment on the post prior to this so you can be eligible to win the awesome goody package that i've rounded up!

happy new year, again, all of you! and a huge huge HELLO to my new followers! if we haven't spoken, please introduce yourself in the comments or shoot me an email! i love getting messages from y'all! [kaelahbee at gmail dot com!]

happy 2010! xo

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