yesterday shannon came to franklin to enjoy the day with me. we had much to do on our agenda and we did all of it except thrifting. we had a yummy lunch at panera, mmm black bean soup. then we went to ross, whole foods & stocked up on vegan goodies, bought some hair dye, went to walmart to see bryan, got stuff for vegan shark attack cupcakes (see photos below!), rented Away We Go, ate vegan pizza, baked baked baked, baked some more vegan lemon cranberry poppyseed muffins, had a bonfire, got crazy super hyper and slept. haha man!

in the bathroom at ROSS. haha i was stuck there for a few minutes as the guys laid new ceiling tiles. it was awkward.

vegan baking!

our shark attack cupcake creations!

my best friend/roomie bryan.

baby G this morning. i had the doors open and after drying my hair i realized my dog was missing so i started yelling/looking for her.. walked out on the back deck in my room and there she was, sunbathing. silly puppy. im so thankful she can come and go as she pleases without running off or having to be put on a leash. she's a good dog :D

that was my sunday funday. time to pack, get dressed and curl my hair. flight at 6pm and i get to see my babbbbbbbbyyyy boyyyy in 12 hours! san francisco here i come!


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  2. omg. I love love love that lacey black cardigan! where did you get it?
    Also love the peacock skirt! :D

  3. the cardigan is from charlotte russe i'm pretty sure! :D thanks lady!


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