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Here lately i've been reading Michelle's blog over at Decline Designs and i have to say, there are some might find reads over that way. Two of them specifically I related to in every shape form & fashion. If you've got a few minutes on hand, click on over to these links and ive them a little look-see!

Tattoo Etiquette: A Public Service Announcement I cannot tell you how many times I've been groped, grabbed, and interrogated by complete strangers. Especially in my line of work at the bar. People feel that it's completely and totally acceptable to just grab my arm in the checkout line of the grocery store and investigate my sleeve for themselves. Some proceed to question every little detail, criticize and go as far as to say "You're too pretty for that mess"... Every single instance leaves me livid. I don't so much mind people asking questions about my tattoos... I'm more than happy to share with you their meanings, even if they are cheesy. However, just know that I did not get tattooed FOR YOU... it was something i did for MYSELF. anyway, GOOD READ! :D she says just about everything I want to.

You'd Be So Pretty If... same idea as the above, but broader. also a good read.



  1. Tattoo Etiquette is much needed! I just recently went grocery shopping and some jerk bagging my groceries grabbed my arm, and rubbed it repeatedly in an up and down manner for like a minute and a half. Practically, "jerking off" my arm. Gross. Nice read as usual! xoxo

  2. Hahahaha I so know what you mean Christina! it's almost as though they think we forfeit the right to personal space simply because we decide to decorate our skin. We are not public property and i refuse to be treated as such. Thanks for reading! <3


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