my obsession for shopping (and the gorgeous & hilarious Paul Rudd) started in 1995 when i was seven years old, with THIS movie. i credit every bit of it to Clueless. i cannot tell you how many times i watched this movie and how many times i sang along to "kids in america" from the clueless soundtrack. i love love love this movie and it will forever be one of my favorites.

and watching Knocked Up last night just reiterated my sincere infatuation with all things Paul Rudd. loveee!


  1. Clueless is such a classic. I remember wanting one of those "outfit makers" that she had on her computer soooo bad haha. I'm not sure they even existed, but I would tell my dad it was all I wanted for my birthday every year!

  2. gah paul rudd is to die for :D

    and yesssss yes yes! the outfit thing! i remember lusting over her closet soooo bad! it rotated like a freaking drycleaner place! ugh ENVY!


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