man oh man i am SPENT! completely and totally useless at the moment. i'm laying in bed with the stinky baby G herself. she always manages to steal my favorite pillow before i can claim it for keepsies. anywhoo, i went to class today and all was well and dandy, oh, except i have to like completely redesign the interface for my vegan website. whatever, it needs it. so it shall happen. after class bryan and i went to FAC to sign up for our memberships. did a little shopping at target and the grocery store before coming home and getting ready for some gym time. bry and i went to the gym just in time to catch the office! yay! i definitely cried while on the bike watching the office for pam & jim's wedding haha dont judge me. i did an hour solid of cardio (ran 2 miles, biked 5 miles, etc) and then i did 2 circuit rounds, some good ol punching of the of bag, yadda yadda yadda. the whole boxing bit is kinda fun, but i managed to make my wrist a bit sore. it felt good to get back in the gym. hopefully ill make time to go tomorrow before work. ugh im so ready to get to work and make some moneyyyyy since i didnt work saturday.

this entry is totally boring and void of any real material. id post photos if it didnt require effort. i'm being a lazy son of a gun right now... i apologize. sleepytime. art history bright and early at 830am. yuck.


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