i promise to have some hearty updates soon. now that i'm on fall break (praise!), ill have a little more down time, but not really. i leave for california the day after tomorrow. so the plan is to draft out all of the entries and get all the content and photos ready, and i can work on them on the trip, the plane, etc. i didnt get around to the layout yesterday because i did what i always do... i decided shopping sounded better. ugh. i need to stop that. but then i went to work last night and here i am. i slept in far too late and now i need to make the most of what is left of my day. wish me luck!


ps; good news! polaroid will relaunch production of their most popular cameras next year in 2010. and the impossible project will produce a limited run of the film. check out the site HERE for more info. :)

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