i apologize for my lack of interesting reads as of late. school is typically the culprit. i'm really trying to change things around so that i have more time to enjoy life and friends and not focus too heavily on just school. i'll give a little recap of my past 2 days and then tell you about my new venture.

tuesday: yesterday my first class was canceled (hallelujah!) so i was able to sleep in. it felt so nice. i headed to school around noon and i had web 2 class from 1 til 2:40. it went well, needed to edit my web interface some. i met with my advertising professor before class started at 3 to show him my roughs and say that i wouldn't be in class. i bolted and went home for a bit. it was nice not to sit in class until 6:30pm. bry and i gathered our computers and went to panera for a bit. i worked on school stuff while he read all of MyLifeIsAverage.com and TextsFromLastNight.com aloud. his laugh was hilarious as it rang through the cafe. while we were there a girl sat down with her headphones in her computer and all of a sudden Tyler Hilton started blaring from her speakers. it took about 3 minutes for her to realize this and fix it, but i could not stop laughing for some reason. i feel bad as it was probably embarrassing but these things happen to all of us! after that we went to walmart to get some firewood and we went home and had a firepit. got dinner, hung out and just talked. it was really great. we had the fire going for 4 or 5 hours, easy. it was raining during parts of it but i remember doing a "fire dance" because i had the "fire spirit in me".... yeah... last night was amazing. hilarity non-stop!

today i woke up and went to the student government meeting (i'm a department representative) and it was a good meeting. afterwards i hung out with bry for a bit and now i'm at the panera on the other side of town trying to be productive. needless to say, its not happening. oops!

but on ot the fun stuff! i've decided to make new resolutions. not new years resolutions, mind you, but just resolutions for life, right now... october seventh. they are:

+ do not ever criticize or state my opinion (if negative, especially!) unless it is warranted. [i, myself, am not a fan of someone who criticizes everything and boasts their opinion as though it is the only one that matters. i strive to not be this person.] if you ask for my honest opinion or constructive criticism, i will be happy to oblige.

+ be grateful. every single day. for every single thing. [this is often overlooked.]

+ enjoy this beautiful autumn weather! [i need to get out of the house more, well, out of the INDOORS more, i should say. georgia could use the exercise (as could i) and the october blue skies are sure to leave me before i can fully appreciate them. picnic, anyone?

+ stop doubting my own ability as a designer! [its so hard to truly value your own work at time. constantly i find myself belittling myself and criticizing where i need not criticize. sure, things can always be better, and you can always rework designs, but i need to have faith in my own ability and stop being so self-conscious.]

+ start an inspiration moleskin. [i keep an "idea" moleskin in my purse at all times, as well as a journal. but i need to also keep an inspiration one for pictures and tearaways, etc. i really love to have all of these readily available at all times.]

+ wake up early enough to dress up every day. [we all have days where we just feel most comfortable in jeans and a hoodie, but from now on im going to reserve that attire for my 8am art history class on friday mornings, and hopefully that class alone. life is too short to look mediocre every day. i dont mean it in a vain sense, either. but if i feel like i look better, im much more productive. so wearing a cute outfit can be the ticket! we'll try it and see how it goes!... but man oh man, it'll be hard to wake up every morning!]

+ eat breakfast. every day. [this is where i fail miserably. typically i skip breakfast, possibly have coffee but thats it. then usually miss lunch or if i DO catch lunch, its usually at 4pm or later. then dinner doesnt come until way way way late and my metabolism is all sorts of shoddy so no! no more! i need to fix this!]

WHEW! that was long! i realize i'll totally slip on some of these at some point or another but its a genuine attempt to better myself. and having it out here for the whole world to see will hopefully help hold me accountable! wish me luck!

do you have any mid-year resolutions you want to try to establish?

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