today's outfit.

today was the monday of all mondays... it started out crappy. i broke down on the phone with my mom and cried a bit (seems to be what i do best haha)... went to class, it was okay, presented my character animation, dealt with the landlord, took bry to work, went to borders for 4 hours to poke through graphic design books and do advertising roughs, couldnt manage to do my roughs, got stressed even more, picked up bry, hung out at home, jeffrey came over and we hung out for a bit, then i hung out with bry and elle, then i talked on the phone with adam, took a hot bath and now i'm in bed. 2am and luckily my 9am class is canceled. it doesnt sound like a horrible monday but it really was. it was so stressful for everyone :( not good. but tomorrow is another day!

hopefully the rain holds off and a few people can come over after advertising for a bonfire. its much needed. my wisdom tooth is aching. this is pointless.

at least my outfit was cute!


  1. Cute sweater! Where did you get it from?

  2. Awesome! I swear, if I ever make it big, you're going to be my style expert. :]

  3. haha yussss! i will totally take on that role in a heartbeat! :D


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