the picture game!

so i've tried doing this every so often on my livejournal but typically the response is overwhelming and i cannot manage all of them, but i'm goign to try once more!

the picture game!

tell me what you want to see a picture of. anything in my life. where i sleep, my car, my closet, etc. anything anything. i will take pictures of said items and i will post them here in my blog for you to see.

please repost this to YOUR blog so we can continue the game!

*please note that some things are harder to get pictures of than others. but i will try my absolute best :D they should be posted within the next week-ish?! :D

i'm going to answer the remaining questions from the formsprings in the past. if you've come up with something you'd like to ask or tell me, feel free to post it in one of the two formsprings below!



ps; if you're shy about leaving a comment below, you can answer the "what would you like to see pictures of" question in the formspring! its anonymous! or you can choose the anonymous option below. but i promise i'm not going to bite! you don't have to be secretive :P


  1. what is the one thing that has affected your life the most?

  2. you without make up, or you without extensions?

  3. -your halloween costume
    -3 things you would grab if your house was on fire
    -favorite outfit

  4. makeup & hair products you use !


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