eight days!
pretty much the most ecstatic girl ever.
just bought my plane ticket to san francisco.
my second home-sweet-home.
i'll be with adam monday-friday
and fly home in time for work.

airplanes, airports, san fran, santa cruz & my love.
so so so happy right now. nothing at all can top that.
except for the fact i STILL get to work & make ~moniez.

six weeks has been far too long.
& i'm not letting it happen again.

dream time xo


  1. yay! I'll be in San Fran this coming Wednesday through Sunday. Santa Cruz is beautiful. I think I'm going to Sonoma Valley and Half Moon Bay this time around. San Fran is definitely one of my favorite cities. Have fun!!

  2. aw man we'll barely miss each other! haha even though we're probably only 10 minutes from each other now & we never hang! :P hope you have a great time! :D :D


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