photo dump.

baby G at the vet.

art history makes me sleepy, too.

this is how she sleeps. every night.

she likes her little octopus just like her mommy :)

buying new dresses. always.

skinny jeans. ive never worn them before. although i do own one or two other pairs. i've got ~hipz like texas so i typically shy away from such clothing. plus i rarely wear jeans. but the fall air was calling for them so whatever. i'm no size 2 and that's not a secret. so i'm just going to wear them fiercely. :)

excited to break out the cropped yellow coat!


all of my photos from work look the same.



  1. Baby G is awesome!haha, I want an English bulldog, for the longest time.

  2. I really love your yellow jacket. I'm so afraid to buy one since I have black hair. I'd look like a bumblebee xP

    Have a good flight(s)!

  3. thank you! i wore it nonstop even when i had super dark brown hair (everyone mistook it for black anyway) so you should do it! contrast is good in your clothes & hair! <3 <3

  4. i think the jeans look adorable :)
    and i love that dress with the peacock feather, looking bottom!

  5. Your Tats Are Nice...and i Like that little yellow coat

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