things i love this week.

1. DIY tees: and this one is just in time for the halloween season. this shirt would be SUCH a cute way to dress up some dark wash skinny jeans and biker boots. love love love.

2. costume rings. the only ring i wear anymore is the ring adam bought me for our 1 year anniversary 2 years ago. i typically don't wear any others because i hate when they turn your fingers that horrible green color. (that cannot be safe! yuck!) but i do love this owl and the bow and maybe even the feathers. yeah yeah, cliche, but still cute.

3. this photo. weird.... but it works.

4. wine design and poster design BASED on wine design. plus, the wine bottle turned guitar is too cute. not to mention i LOVE holly conlan.

5. michael's painting of pam & jim. i really REALLY want to hang this in my house, over my fireplace mantel in the living room. i'm serious. who wants to paint me one? i'll pay you.

6. this cat. i've always wanted a smooshy face cat. i guess to match my smooshy face dog. too bad i'm allergic.

7. fortunes!

8. home interior inspiration. makes me so excited to eventually have my own little home where i LIVE at. i love my house now... but i'm never here! always traveling, on the road, at school or doing something else. i can't fully enjoy it. but i know years of city living and tiny apartments are in my future before settling into a quaint little house on a tree-lined street and a white picket fence. (i dont care how cliche that is. i will have it.... even though i have it already ha)

9. wanna date me? apparently you can via no, i dont have an okcupid profile. never have. never will. well, and my name isn't stephanie haha i dont even know what is but these 2 shots were sent to me this week so thanks. at least the okcupid one hasn't logged in in a while...

yay things i love! awesome.

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