formspring! take 2!

i really want to make my blog a better blog. and i really want to make sure i'm touching base with all of the things YOU want to read. i realize this is MY personal blog, but no one blogs for just themselves. i want to make sure it's an enjoyable experience for my readers. so please take a few minutes to do this formspring. it's anonymous and i promise it will be so worth it!

xo you guys are amazing.

click HERE to take it!

ps; the last formspring has gotten so many results! thanks so much for doing it guys! i'm going to devote a post to it coming up so i can touch on some of the things that were shared! so many of the answers really touched my heart, and ill admit, a few kind of scared me. some of the secrets people told me were truly truly heavy and i do hope that they arent just brushed under the rug. remember, if anyone feels like they need to vent, just email me!

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