new tattoo.

so i spent most of yesterday sitting in hendersonville with bryan. we went up around 3pm and didnt get home until 11pm. i got tattooed for almost 4 hours. we worked on laying out the forearm and he outlined 75% of it. i just have to go back for the outlining of the compass. i wasn't sold on the sketch so i held out. right now i have an octopus, the ink cloud and the treasure chest outlined. and boy oh boy did it hurt! ugh, the forearm was not fun. the worst part was it was hurting even more after he stopped. we picked up some bactine on the way home though so it numbed it right up. today was sore too. and its still red. not fun at all. today i had web 2 (information architecture) class and someone was on my side because i didnt TOTALLY do 3 full designs and luckily he gave us until tuesday. woohoo! afterwards i took Georgia to the vet (30 massive pounds now!) to get her 3rd round of shots and then i went to panera for a bit. then elle came over and she, bry and i watched the office, i cleaned my room and voila! here i am!

i need to sleep soon. lame ol' art history in the morning. yuck. and then i get to go to work and pray that i still have a job. ugh. i hope all this drama goes away quickly. wish me luck!


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