the gym definitely caught up with me. oh man oh man, my arms were aching this morning. my muscles did not cooperate when i asked them nicely to accompany me to the gym yet again today. but that is alright... maybe i can make it over there tomorrow. give 'em a day to rest and recuperate. right now i'm sitting at panera (when am i not?!) and i worked on the interface design for the website for a little bit, but for the past hour i've done nothing but look up the amazing variety of AWESOME shows over the next month and a half. my calendar is full but i'm super bummed that some of the great ones (ie: sea wolf, port o'brien, imogen heap, joe purdy, etc) are on weekend nights that i work... i know i'll get in trouble if i take off for all of them (not to mention be broke. no bueno) but i'm hoping i can make it to joe purdy (it starts at 7) and possibly sea wolf/port o'brien. heres a list of what i'm looking foward to:

  • oct 15: mat kearney @ mercy lounge 8pm
  • oct 15: mirah @ mercy lounge 9pm
  • oct 18: san francisco, california
  • oct 21: pinback @ exit/in 7pm
  • oct 24: sea wolf & port o'brien @ exit/in 8pm
  • oct 25: a fine frenzy @ 3rd & lindsley 7pm
  • oct 25: erin mckeown & jill souble @ the basement 8pm
  • oct 26: nashville tennessee
  • oct 29: black lips @ mercy lounge 9pm
  • nov 8: meiko @ 3rd & lindsley 8pm
  • nov 10: edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros @ 3rd & lindsley
  • nov 17: bowerbirds @ exit/in 8pm
  • nov 20: imogen heap @ exit/in 8pm
  • nov 21: joe purdy @ exit/in 7pm

scratch the whole california thing. i'm not going. it's been weighing too heavy on my heart and anything that is good for you shouldn't make you feel that way... right? can i just say HOW STOKED i am that bowerbirds is playing next month?! i missed the show at the bowery ballroom in NYC so i'm glad i got a second chance. not to mention meiko is coming back for a 4th time this year! i've been to every show she's played in nashville so i'll be sure not to miss this one, too. i need to be sure to prioritize my schooling and all that jazz so i can make it to these badass shows.

i hope i make some serious cash moniezzzz at work tonight. mucho needed. i suppose its nearing time for me to high-tail it back home and give baby G some attention before i have to get ready for work. plus i need to clean my room. cool!


  1. That picture is hilarious. I actually lol-ed. Ha.

  2. its hilarious and mean and cringe-worthy all in one ha


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