Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday folks! Here's the latest edition of Things I Love Thursday. Hope you find lots of entertainment in today's post! Let me know what you loved best ;) Here's to a happy and productive day for us all. xo

Licia Ronzulli has been taking her daughter to European Parliament for 2 yrs! ♥
this adorable picture. ♥
this! ♥
this is beautiful. ♥
♥ wouldn't it be neat if horses had pastel manes? ♥
this man dresses as a giraffe to do good deeds! ♥
this cat nurses orphaned hedgehogs. ♥
this is the sweetest. ♥
♥ this photo made me cry the first time i saw it. big time. ♥

// Spending part of my days prowling shoe stores for the perfect gift since the husband has been bitten by the shoe bug.

// Every few days I like to check the user gallery on Jux because the variety of posts and photos on there is insane. People going through breakups, getting married, talking about their kids, traveling the world, etc. I know I've asked for your usernames before, but leave them again so I can officially follow you if I don't already! Here's mine if you fancy following along. (notbeingpaidtotellyouilikeit. ijustreallydo!)

// We (Honeybean) got a little mention by the fine folks over at Southern Living magazine! We're excited about Saturday's Porter Flea Holiday event (we fixed our tire yesterday! Finally!) and we are having a pretty huge sale, too. All Hive + Honey hair pieces + all apparel will be super marked down. Pop over at Marathon Music Works from 11am til 6pm and come see us! 

// Do you love cats? How about some Cats of Instagram goodies? It's probably my favorite Society6 shop.

// Quick Friendly Gift Guide: for the coffee lover -- for the snow lover -- for the interiors (+ iphone) lover -- for the makeup lover -- for the written correspondence lover -- for the novelty christmas ornament lover (me!) -- for the "less is more" lover.

// Have you heard of "small living"? How is THIS for small?! It's kind of fascinating and I keep falling down the internet rabbit hole.

// Blowfish is having a week-long sale on their boots! 15% off with the code 15OFF until Sunday!

// Today is your last day to get entries in for the ShoeMint giveaway! 3 winners will each win a pair of shoes of their choice! Winner will be drawn at 11pm CST!

// Wishlist Wears: the perfect blush colored dress (with a bow!) -- perfect holiday dresses : silver + shimmer, copper sequins or some holographic sequin! --  these heeled saddle shoes -- puppy platforms (to match my kitty litas!) -- skull studded loafers (!!!!) -- 100% sequin blazer (holy moly) 

// Pantone Holiday Ornaments! Be still my heart!

What are you loving this week?

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one of those "emotionally draining but still kind of great" weekends. Friday morning we set out to a Sip 'N Shop pop up event we were putting on with a few other local shops in East Nashville. It was freezing! We didn't want to set up in full force because we'd only be there for 4 hours due to a prior photoshoot we had booked, so we did a half-set up and hunkered down for a few hours. There were people, and we made some sales (and met some blog readers!), but it was very underwhelming. We had higher hopes for Saturday for sure. We packed up and towed Honeybean home, then went and shot a super cute family at Sevier Park. I don't even remember what we did after that, but I know I lacked all sorts of productivity! haha 
On Saturday morning we woke up and got ready to pull Honeybean back out for the second half of the Sip 'N Shop event. We pulled her out to the road but kept feeling a "thump". Mike hopped out of the car to inspect and saw we had a flat tire. Awesome. We didn't have a spare or Fix A Flat but we he went out and tried to remedy it. To no avail. Seems we picked up some nails on our trek to or from Friday's event. Crossing our fingers we get that bad boy situated before this Saturday because that's a huge event for us. We ended up having to skip Small Business Saturday (wahhhh!) but tried to make the best of it regardless. Toby went to visit with his grandparents for a few hours so Mike and I spent the day together. We went out on a little lunch date, stocked up on shop supplies and display items, popped into a few shops and picked out a few gifts for Toby's birthday and Christmas and even some gifts for other folks on our list. After we picked Toby up we decided it'd be fun to decorate the Christmas tree together. Toby had a blast! He was quite good at it, too. You know, minus bunching them up on the same branch at the very bottom of the tree haha I think we're all very happy with the outcome of our tree. Our living room doesn't really have a great place for it, but it worked out just fine. 
Sunday was a day of cleaning! Oh boy, cleaning. Our house needed it since all we've been doing lately is rotating Honeybean product, painting and shipping wooden signs, and trying to prepare for another Kaelah's Closet cleanout. We bleached our comforter in the bathtub (dog slobber. Ugh!), washed a million loads of laundry, sorted several bags to toss, donate or store, etc. Our house looks like a home again haha Afterwards we headed out on some family errands. We took advantage of some sales around town and picked up some new clothes for each of us. We ended the day with a quick pop into Costco and that was that. We came home, ate homemade chili and set up "camp night" (Fort Flynn!) for Toby while we all watched Ice Age together and I painted signs. 
Overall I felt like I took a few hits as a small business owner this past weekend. Some of my own doing, some out of pure misfortune, and some out of the disrespect of others. I think it was a trying kind of weekend on that front. Luckily Mike and I talk about these things almost daily so we're always reassessing our stance and our "plan of attack" for the future. Sounds so vague but I'm not sure how to otherwise put it! haha 

Today is for responding to loads of emails, sorting my closet and office, and working on some more product for Honeybean this weekend. And lots and lots of packing and shipping at the post office. It wouldn't be Monday without the post office, right?!
Just a heads up on a few things! The wood bunting above will be making it's debut at Porter Flea on Saturday! I'm happy to fill any orders via email if you'd like to nab one. They're 10 pennants long, and 10'. You can adjust the width between the pennants yourself (ours is adjusted to 6' wide!) They're $15 + $2 shipping. I also still have some signs up for grabs that are guaranteed by Christmas! Seriously, get your orders in quick and I can have them done by the end of the week! The Cyber Monday discount on sponsorships also ends tonight at midnight! 20% off ANY size sidebar ad (including XL/Featured!). Email if you'd like to snag any one of these dealios! Happy Monday!

PS; Don't forget to get your entries in for the Shoe Mint giveaway! 3 winners will get a pair of shoes of their choice! (I added an extra way to enter, too!)

Small Biz Saturday - Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Small Business Saturday! I'm excited for holiday shopping this year because we're buying almost all of our gifts via small businesses (well, aside from those that we're making). I think SBS is one of the best new traditions our economy has and I'm so stoked to be supporting some amazing artists. Today I wanted to celebrate by sharing a gift guide that could appeal and apply to so many of those people you may be buying for! I've worn/purchased/received or used something for each and every one of the people below, and I stand by them 100%. The quality, the craftsmanship, the experience. I'll just let you see for yourself!

Crystal makes these amazing state illustrations where she went in and drew each county in it's respected shape. We've had the Tennessee ones in Honeybean for a bit now and people just love them. We also have some Nashville map prints with the candy! She's happy to customize to suit any city, and she can even make the state prints any color (or combination of colors!) It's a simple gift but it seriously says so much. We love having something so sweet for Nashville. ---> Click here to shop!

I've talked about these collage prints a hundred times I'm sure, but I love the ones we have on our walls. We have 4 (I think!) and I adore them so much. There's something so playful and sweet about them. They come in a variety of sizes so there's a little something for every occasion. ---> Click here to shop!

We also carry Molly's line ViviDot in Honeybean! I love the variety of fabrics she uses for her fabric covered button pieces. One of my favorite sets is the cheeseburger hair pins! (Seriously, come see Honeybean today and pick up a pair!) I think I really do love silly novelty prints + accessories! (The coupon code was borrowed from PaperNStitch's big annual sale post!) ---> Click here to shop!

Of course I'll include my own best friend. But not because of that alone -- mainly because I love the little products she creates. This fox earwarmer piece is no exception! She just listed tons of new styles + pieces in her shop so head over and see what she's got! ---> Click here to shop!

Another dear friend: Beca! (and Doug!) I've had a pair of their sunglasses for well over a year and they're still as good as new! Toby likes to wear them when we're in the car, even though they swallow his head haha The heart shaped Lolitas are so dreamy, but my favorites are the cherry oversized round ones! They're offering a nice little discount for the holiday so see if any tickle your fancy! ---> Click here to shop!

If you don't follow Lauren of Emerging Thoughts on Twitter, you should! She's a total hoot. She also runs one of the most successful independent online boutiques! Always full to the brim with dainty dresses, ridiculous accessories (I love my Kanye quote necklace!) and pretty bits, it's a one stop shop for all things independent! ---> Click here to shop!

Love the bohemian style with a little bit of an eclectic edge? Moorea's jewelry is just that! I love my Galaxy ring. It's the perfect amount of "spunk" for any given outfit. She's been molding her own arrowhead rings as of late, too! The free pair of earring deal is good for today only so head over and stock up! ---> Click here to shop!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Hope all of you fellow small biz owners have a happy + successful day today! If you're having a sale in your shop, leave a comment below with the details!

Honeybean, Sponsor Discounts and More!

Just a heads up about where we'll be camping out this weekend with Honeybean! Get your Black Friday + Small Business Saturday shopping on with us! We'll only be at Fanny's today from 10am - 2pm as we have a photoshoot planned after, but come hang out and say hello :) We'd love to see you!

I'm also offering a holiday ad sale for this weekend only! Book + pay for your LCH sidebar ad spot by Cyber Monday (the 26th) and get 20% off of the price! Including XL/Featured ads! Email for more info! (Please note I may be a tad bit slow to respond due to the events, but as long as you get at me, I'll honor the discount!) Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

If you're still wanting to book a last minute Him + Honey shoot, let us know! Our holiday discount is good until December 4th as long as it's paid for in November. It's almost December, y'all! What?!

One last thing: Honeybean will be back at Porter Flea next Saturday (December 1st) for the Holiday Flea event. This is one you don't want to miss... not even for Honeybean but for the tons of other amazing handmade + indie vendors. I love love love setting up for Porter Flea and I promise it's worth it to come out. Hope we see you there!

Things I('m Grateful For) Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving, American friends! And Happy Thursday to the rest of ya! Man, I feel like I really have a lot to be thankful for this year, and even just two sentences into this post I'm tearing up. (I'm a sap though, so just overlook it). This has been THE BEST year yet. Never could I have thought that at this point in time I would be married, with a kid, and living my dream life. I'll just forewarn you that I'll probably say most of the same things come NYE haha Here's a little list of things I'm grateful for:

1. My amazing husband. (Ha! Husband! That's still so weird + fun to say) Mike is a man who constantly puts my needs before his own. A guy who brings me a cup of coffee every morning, helps me in any and every way he knows how, and shares an ultimate goal. He lends me his socks when my toes get cold, and cooks delicious meals when I act (and sometimes am) incompetent in the kitchen. He also doesn't make fun of me when I cry at the drop of the hat while watching a sappy AT&T commercial. He's pretty great. Not to mention he's an incredible father.

2. Toby. Man, so much can be said about that little dude. He's easily the most frustrating, sometimes infuriating, but cutest in every way kid. I've learned so much about patience and selflessness by having him as part of our family. The way he greets me with "Mommy!" when he's excited to show me something, and his little hugs + kisses before bedtime, and the way he tells me he loves my dress or that I "look like a beautiful princess" when I spend a little extra time on myself in the morning. No words can share just how thankful I am to have this opportunity to be a loving daily figure in his life.

3. My parents. They are amazing. Their love + devotion to one another is truly inspiring. You can tell they're best friends. My mom gets the credit for everything I've ever done because she raised me, and my stepdad is the best dad ever. They help take some of the load off with Toby at times, to give us a little breathing room, and they treat us to family vacations and let us use their pool all summer. Can't forget that RV! :P It's not all superficial of course. They are incredibly supportive of my often "non traditional" approach to life and work, even if it's the opposite of anything they've ever done themselves. But the number one reason why I'm so thankful for them is simple: They were and are so welcoming of Toby. They love him so so much, it's almost annoying. Toby is so lucky.

4. My Nana. I spent so much time with her growing up, and I'll always have fond memories of The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. Seeing her now with my little cousin Kaylie reminds me so much of the time I spent with her while my mom worked. Plus she makes a mean Stuffed Cabbage (any Polish people out there a fan?! I love!)

5. Mike's family. So much can be said about that crazy bunch. I've always felt so welcome with them, like I've always been part of their family. As intimidating as Mike's dad was when I was 18, I can now see he's a big ol softie at heart. Mike's stepmom Terri has been a constant source of inspiration on how to be a proper and compassionate lady. Plus she's an amazing cook! Mike's siblings (all of them!) are so wonderful in every way. Maggie is hands down the reason our wedding even happened. I can't even express my gratitude. Laine is the most adorable thing in the world and I just love her to pieces. Ryan has been living in Thailand for the past 2+ years, but I totally cherish the Skype chat Mike and I had with him at our rehearsal dinner. Christy is so nice and wonderful, plus Toby loves his 2 cousins. Can't forget Grandma Ginny either. I've never met a kinder soul. We definitely miss Mike's grandpa on the regular. I'll never forget him having me "pet" his eyebrow at the Easter dinner table the very first time I met him!

6. Friends! Friends who traveled from all over the country to share in our wedding. Friends who go out for margaritas with me in the middle of the day in the middle of the week (Maya!). Friends who sing karaoke with you in a dive bar. Friends who plan awesome shindigs, make awesome plans, and are just generally all around awesome (see where I'm going with this?) Friends who keep in touch no matter the distance that separates you. I have some incredibly awesome friends and I love all of them so much.

And for the less serious crowd...

I'm thankful for: Netflix ♥ Having the ability to do work that I love for a living ♥  Richard Photo Lab ♥  Clients who challenge me ♥ Novelty salt and pepper shakers ♥ the internet ♥ Uniball Vision Pens ♥ Post-It Notes ♥ Jeffrey Campbell Shoes ♥ Picklesickles ♥ the Autumn season ♥ Diet Pepsi ♥ things shaped like cheeseburgers ♥ coffee in novelty mugs ♥ Loquat ♥ glitter ♥ having the chance to come here on LCH and rant and rave about silly things day in and day out ♥ Honeybean ♥ BUST magazine ♥ Martha Stewart ♥ our iPad ♥ Georgia and Pipkin and Enid (I love them so much it's almost pathetic) ♥ future RV vacations

What are you grateful for?

ShoeMint Giveaway (3 Winners!)

If this giveaway doesn't excite you, I'm not sure what will! Today I'm partnering up with ShoeMint to bring you an epic trifecta of goodness! 3 lucky winners are going to win their choice of ShoeMint shoes! Mhm, that's right. I had a little too much fun playing in the leaves yesterday with my three new pairs. I figured I'd give you a little taste of my ShoeMint style and then see what y'all are into!

Here's a little info on ShoeMint: It's a collaborative effort by Rachel Bilson (!!!) and Steve Madden. It's a free, members-only website with personalized style recommendations, tips, and trend reports (but no obligation to buy). There's a wide variety of stylish, high quality shoes at an unreal steal: only $79.98 for each style. (When you see the shoes, you'll totally get it!) ShoeMint uses real leather and suede, and adds new styles each month based on the latest trends. Even better: they offer free shipping and returns!  

If you're thinking about doing some sweet sole shopping for the holidays (whether for a loved one or yourself [I won't tell!]), check out ShoeMint's Cyber Monday event that goes live in November 26th! There will be some pretty stellar deals and special guests!

Below are the three styles I picked to style up! Pictured below: the Nancy bootie, then the Lambert wedges + Taia flats! Each has a distinct look + style, and they're all basically dream shoes. I can't even tell you how classy those flats are with their little gold metal bow!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Now the FUN part! Winning your very own pair! To be entered to win, please visit the ShoeMint site and pick out your favorite pair! Then just leave a comment below with the style you'd choose!

If you'd like an additional way to win, tweet the following bit and leave a comment below letting me know your Twitter name! Please tweet: "I just entered to win 1 of 3 @ShoeMint shoes on @kaelahbee's blog!"

Three winners will be chosen at random next week and contacted shortly thereafter. (Please leave a way for me to contact you!) This contest is open to residents of US + Canada only. Good luck!

PS; ShoeMint offers 20% off of your first purchase, too! You know, in case you're impatient or just need a few pairs!

Congratulations to Kaley, Molly and Danielle! Check your inbox, ladies!

// Our Honeymoon : Mexico pt. 1

Mexico was amazing! I had no idea what to expect when we booked it because I had never been, nor had I really wanted to go. I'm so glad we ended up deciding on Mexico though. It was above and beyond any vacation I could have hoped for! This first part that I'm sharing today was our first 5 days in Cancun. It's easy to think of Cancun as "MTV Spring Break" style but we had such a different experience. First of all, we started looking at all inclusive resorts in the area and we had even decided on one to book. We waited for about a month before deciding to go ahead, and when we tried booking the room/resort we wanted, the price was magically $600 higher. After thinking about it for a while we realized we're just not "candlelit dinners on the beach" kind of people and we'd probably spend the entire 5 days feeling awkward. An online friend suggested up AirBnB, and even the specific two that she had booked (her trip was the week before ours). We fell in love with her suggestions and it was so much cheaper! We were able to stay in Mexico for 9 days rather than 5, and we still spent less money. 
isla mujeres dock
the incredible backyard of where we were staying
AirBnB is basically a database of apartments, houses, condos, and rooms for rent for travelers. To put it simply, you live like a local. We were lucky enough to book a private apartment/condo in Cancun, right at the north end of the Hotel Zone. Downtown Cancun was a 2 minute bus ride away, and we had private lagoon access. We thought we'd be bummed not to be directly on the beach (it was just across the street), but we only spent 15 minutes on the beach the entire time. We were more interested in the culture around town. Our hosts both in Cancun and Tulum made us breakfast every single morning, and eating local cuisine was awesome. We spent the rest of our days trying various taco trucks, fruit carts, and local restaurants. Not to mention shopping at the local markets.

Mike and I prefer to kind of do our own thing so this ended up being the best call yet. We packed our bags and set off for Cancun. We arrived on a Tuesday and we were a bit overwhelmed for lack of sleep, traveling, a jam-packed flight, etc so we moseyed around our place and then fell asleep at 4pm or so. We slept for like 16 hours straight. We ventured out the next morning and started learning our way around the city via public transit.
playa caracol (snail beach)
On most days you could find us riding the bus here or there, and then shopping around. On our last full day in Cancun we decided to sail over to Isla Mujeres via catamaran. It was a gloomy morning to start so our boat only had 10 passengers, including us. It ended up being so great because it was an open bar, had great music, and we were able to meet/get to know some of the other passengers. We adored this one couple who we spent the most time with. We snorkeled in the Caribbean (with a sting ray, octopus, squid and schools of beautiful fish!), ate a yummy meal at the club house, held + kissed a Nurse shark (!!!), and got gelato on Isla Mujeres. It was such a perfect way to spend the day. I highly recommend it to anyone who goes to Cancun! 
our humble abode
Most evenings were spent in the pool at our apartment. It overlooks the gazebo and lagoon, and loads of beautiful boats. We'd walk down to the neighborhood convenience store, load up on beer and spend the later hours watching the nightly storms blow in from the pool. The two or three nights that it stormed a bit (very briefly) were perfect because it really forced us to relax for once. We're bad about just going and going and going on our vacations that we forget to unwind a bit. This allowed us to lay up inside, burn through several series on Netflix, and hang out.
carvings on a coconut we passed every day
catamaran sailing + playa caracol
If you ever decide to stay at/near where we did, you absolutely must go to this little food stand outside of the neighborhood OXXO mart. They serve cactus tacos! And they are delicious! We connected with an American who had been living in Cancun with his wife for 15 years and he ran an excursions booth. We'd stop and talk to him almost every morning and he recommended it to us. I have to admit, I was super skeptical but it was so good. I'd eat it again in a heartbeat!
After 5 days of intense heat and humidity (but gorgeous scenery!), we boarded an ADO bus to Tulum where we spent the next 4 days. I'll share those photos soon!

Thanks for being patient enough for the film to get delivered from the lab, and letting me share our incredible trip with you. I want to go back every single day! Here's to hoping we get our wedding photos back soon, too. :)