Things I Love Thursday

Happy November, y'all! Hope you're not experiencing a candy hangover. I don't know about where you live, but IT'S COLD in Nashville! 30 degrees right now! What?! I'm staying bundled up inside as long as possible... until the inevitable comes and we have to go move out of our storage unit today. Not looking forward to that at all! Instead of worrying about that though, let's take a peek at a few of my favorite things this week!
♥ THIS costume set! YES! (source?) ♥
this is the best GIF ever. ♥
♥ this is the best movie. (pitch perfect) ♥
♥ this is the best tv show. (see a pattern here?) ♥
this is accurate. ♥
this is adorable. ♥
this beautiful tree! ♥
this sloooothhhh! ♥
these cabins in myrdal, norway ♥
this sign. ♥
romwe's 30% off sale starts tomorrow! ♥

// There are loads of ways you can help with the victims of Sandy's devastation. One of the easiest and most useful ways is to donate to the Red Cross. My heart goes out to everyone affected.

// This is a hilarious! A guy texted a random number and the random recipient ended up pulling the prank on the original dude. A great use of memes, if I do say so myself!

// Sabrina is without a doubt my favorite mixed-media artist. Her collages are so inspiring.

// Shop coupons (shops in sidebar): Save 25% off of Bagatelle Designs jewelry with code LCH25 -♥- Save 20% off of SusannahBean Handmade with code HALLOWEEN12. -♥- Save 15% off of Magic Moon Pottery with code HONEYBEE -♥- Save 15% off of Moorea Seal Jewelry with code KAELAH15 -♥- Save 12% off of Eine Der Guten prints with code honeybee

// The TART Festival needs some financial backing on Kickstarter. Pop over to see what it's all about and how you can help.

// House Of Humble is one of my all-time favorite blogs. Every time Katie writes on her blog or leaves a comment here, I just want to reach through the computer and hug her. She's really awesome. So is her fella Reuben!

// Wishlist Wears: this red dress is perfect for the holidays -- this ASOS bow bag is very Kate Spade --  this Marc Jacobs iphone case! -- Steve Madden studded boots -- scalloped flats! (only $19 + so many colors!) -- these wedges need to get on my feet NOW! -- basically the ENTIRE shoe section at LuLu*s -- and this gorgeous woven purse

// Sarah's blog gives you a little look inside her life. Including some pretty crazy pictures from the Sandy storm as she resides in Brooklyn. There's also some pretty great vintage photos thrown in (different post and totally unrelated to Sandy!)

// Have you seen Kintage's beautiful new look?! I love it!

// Some Jux love! ViVi Dot -- Finch And Canary -- Life In Brief -- 40 Day Dreams -- Kathryn Rose -- and MINE! ---- Do you have a Jux? Leave your link so I can include you next time!

// Ellen Degeneres is my personal hero. Here is just one more reason to love her...

What are you loving this week?

PS: Peep our new sponsors for November on the sidebar! They are the bee's knees!


  1. Sloths are sooooo cute! So are baby piggies :)

  2. Eeeee!! I love House of Humble too! They were one of the first blogs I started following. Katie and Reuben are just the best!

    Maria xx

  3. Oh my gosh that dog diagram had me sniggering so loudly at work - SO true! Especially the bit about the other dog coming running! That costume set is unbelievable, LOVE!

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  4. OMG. I wish I could dress up as Cher and had friends to dress up with me. That's so cool.

    I just watched Pitch Perfect two days ago and I LOVED it. I so want to join an a cappela group now.

    Tom Haverford <3

  5. House Of Humble is beautiful!


  6. This tree is absolutely stunning!

  7. I freaked out at the pigs! I want one so badly! x

  8. I love Ellen Degeneres so much! That video was hilarious.

  9. Hi-the Clueless pic is from Wildfox and the new collection :-)

  10. Yessss! I love ALL THE THINGS. I think this is my favourite TILT post from you yet :)

    Alli xx

  11. The Science of Dogs made me laugh out loud. Too funny and too true. You always have the best TiLT posts. Mine aspire to be this good.

    xo Ashley

  12. holyyyyyyyyyyyyysh*t. that first photo is amazing. bummed i didn't think of it sooner. next year! ...also bummed i don't have a gorgeous african american friend who could be my Dionne. :P i'll have to start scouting.

  13. OMG the dog thing...totally accurate. Especially calling the other dog's name to get a dog to cmoe to you -_-

  14. I love the light up sign in the last picture!

  15. The baby sloth is so sweet!!!

    I just started jux, here's my link...

  16. i recently started posting in my jux! check me out, only three posts but i promised to post more often! jeje

  17. Why haven't I seen Pitch Perfect yet? That gif made me lol and then I sent it to a bunch of people. Too good! Also please tell me you've seen Kristen Bell's sloth meltdown??


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