Things I Love Thursday

Here's an extra scoop of TiLT for you this week! Seeing as I missed last week (whoops!) I thought I'd go it right this time. Loads of photos, gifs and links to keep you entertained! Hope your Thursday is a great one!
♥ this is finally on netflix! ♥
best halloween costumes. ever. ♥
this clutch! ♥
this illo. ♥
these cockatoo images! SO stunning! ♥
this "photobooth" makes 3D pictures! 3D! ♥
this outfit. ♥
this amazing bookshelf! ♥
this arrested development plush! eeeep! ♥
this is what happens when lightning strikes sand. ♥
this. ♥
these extreme close-ups of the human eye! amazing! ♥
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this is so cute!!! ♥
this. ♥

// 32 Signs You're Living In A Hipster Apartment. Hilarious but accurate!

// If you're in/around Nashville, heads up! Little Cash Shank has been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. On Sunday, November 18th Kustom Thrills Tattoo here in East Nashville is doing $50 tattoos, there will be a silent auction with some AMAZING prizes, and they will be accepting donations on behalf of the Shank family. Tattoo artists if you can donate your time please contact Brandon Henderson at 530.410.8940. If you are out of state, please send donations or contact Kustom Thrills 615.226.3009 or Here's the Facebook page with more details!
//  Why is PepperAnn such a great show? Here's why! (Seasons 1-5 are now streaming online, too!)

//  Did you catch Andrew Garfield dancing on the Ellen show? If not, you must see these gifs! They are so so good.

// Some recent JUX posts: Confidence -- She Works Hard For Her Money -- Holiday Traditions

// Have you seen the largest, yet most inconspicuous, street graffiti in NYC? Now you can! That little paint line ran in front of one of my old apartments in midtown!

//  On the hunt for vintage housewares? Here you go! These bar glasses are my favorite!

//  Roxy shares what could be the cutest book store ever!

// The Zen of Dogs. On Mindfulness, Compassion and Connection.

// Anonymous Exposes Bullies Who Encouraged Teen Girls To Commit Suicide. Whoa.

What are you loving this week? 
Leave your links! They may get featured next week! ;)


  1. As always, a fantastic compilation of cool, cute and surprising!

  2. yay! so much fun stuff
    That Daria costume is amazing

  3. PepperAnn PepperAnn too cool for seventh grade...or something like that

    I loved PepperAnn and now I know why. Now that I know that I am actually very happy I watched that show!

    Love all the things in this post!

  4. Love the bookshelf and the first graphic! Definitely some inspiration for a Thursday.
    Almost Endearing

  5. I always love you TILT posts! I can't believe the Daria outfits! The Jump From bags are immense, I just can't get my head around them, I really need to see one in person to poke it! xx

  6. The Daria and Jane costumes are perfect. And that bookcase is just amazing!

  7. I watched the armadillo gif for like 5 whole minutes. I love close-ups of the human eye. I loved Katy and Shannon's costumes!

  8. Looks like I'll be watching Freaks and Geeks all day! Thank you! :)

  9. Those 3D photos are amazing! And I love armadillos :)

  10. I absolutely love the shark art. Beautiful colors. TILTS are always my favorites :D
    I loved them so much and also the Flickr group that I decided to do a post of my own and maybe make it a regular on my blog. I'd love it if you got the chance to check it out <3

  11. HAH! Well, you listed two of my favourite past halloween costumes in this post! I have been both Daria (twice. Nobody knew who I was EITHER TIME) and PepperAnn a couple years ago, who again, nobody knew who I was. I guess I need to stop dressing up as "obscure?" cartoon characters. Or hang out with bigger dorks. Probably the latter. I mean, COME ON!

  12. love this list! that bookshelf is so awesome.and i really really want that clutch, it is perfect.

  13. That eye is amazing! I had to go to the site and stare at all the other eyes too.CRAZY!


  14. I love these posts! :)
    They always have a way of brightening up my day.

    P.S. Katy Perry's costume is awesome!

  15. amazinggg! Love the cute armadillo and the Obama <33

    XO Sahra

  16. Love the United of America's Bookshelf. I would def would get one, a France and Madagascar one.

    Favorite link from Home Movies:

  17. Such a great list! I really like the USA bookshelf.

  18. That eye is creeping me out.. great compilation!

  19. Great tIlt! Mine, this week, was full of clothes and the like. Where do you mostly find your things for these posts? p.s. I want 3d pictures!!!

    xo Ashley

  20. This is a fab tilt! I love all of it, espcially the 3D photo booth and the birdies :) I need to find time to finally check out Freaks and Geeks.

    What Lola Wants

  21. Omg, love the Tobias Funke Blue Man!!!!

    PS, love your blog, darling.

    Lyndsey Dee

    (My iPad wont let me post below using my Wordpress signature.)

  22. Omg a Tobias Funke Blue Man!!!!

    PS, love your blog, darling

    Lyndsey Dee

  23. Love you picks, Freaks and Geeks! Yes! And that pink cockatoo is more commonly referred to as a Galah, I think it's more fun to say ;) <- you have to say it in an Aussie nasal voice though. We have some that live in our backyard!


  24. OHMYGOSH thank you for posting that about Freaks & Geeks, I've been getting them via Netflix Mail (ugh, I know, working with ancient stuff here) and this is so much more convienent! thanks!!


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