Purple Paradise

So I promise I haven't turned into a full-fledged "fashion only" blogger. It just seems to be what I have the most of. (Seriously, I even have 2 more outfits in the stockpile. Who am I?!) I've done really well about getting up and dressing myself each day. That sounds ridiculous for a 24 year old woman to say but it's true. It's so easy (and preferred!) to say in my pajamas all day while I sit at the computer and work, or do whatever it is that I need to do around the house. I don't want to face the blustery, cold air outside. Yeah yeah, Nashville doesn't get as cold as some of the places y'all live but that's why I don't live there. I live here and complain about both the heat and the cold so there's that. Anyway, on this particular day I wore purple. Yep, PURPLE! Well, purple on purple on purple actually. I can't even look at this outfit without singing "Flying Purple People Eater" in my head. Even still, I actually quite like it. I wore it with my faux-Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I've had these puppies for a full year but never felt like they matched an outfit well enough to photograph them. I decided to pair them with this ensemble and everyone in Madison seemed to love them haha Did you know that shoes make friends? Apparently so. I've also had this dress since about 2007 and I've only worn it once or twice. I still could never convince myself to get rid of it so I'm glad I didn't. Now I love it.

I've been thinking about my workload a lot lately and trying to really pare down on what it is I do. Remember the ten fingers in ten pies bit? Yeah, delicious. And if we keep with the figurative speech, I feel like a fat kid whose shirt buttons are about to burst. Satisfying, but also overwhelming. As a family we've made some sort-of-tough decisions lately and they'll come to fruition in a few months. I'm just trying to find a method to the madness that will make peace with my heart. Overkill, I know. I'm back to my "Hurry up and wait!" antics and I'm trying to remember "Live in the present!" I think our decisions will help us live more simply, and I think that's something I need to experience before I can go full-throttle in the other direction of my dreams. Make sense? Probably not? That's okay. All in due time. I promise I don't mean to speak in such veiled ways!

In working news -- we're working out displays for the new Honeybean designers we're (finally. officially!) bringing on board this week. We'll be set up a few places around East Nashville this holiday season, including vending at Porter Flea yet again! (December 1st! Please come!) I'm excited to swap out some of the merchandise and really put Mike's handyman abilities to work. We've needed a display overhaul for so long. We have so much littttle stuff. It piles up quick!

Today is for meeting deadlines, chatting + planning with other mobile shop owners in town, organizing the next Kaelah's Closet haul and scheming up what it is I'll make in the kitchen this week. Spoiler alert: the banana bread was good, but not that good, ya know? Sigh. I even burned my cinnamon rolls. I'll get there one day! Here's to hoping your Monday is rad. ;)

Target tights
Charlotte Russe cardigan (under)
Shane Co. necklace - gift from stepdad
Honeybean turquoise ring
Promise boots c/o Spotted Moth (last year)


  1. I am loving that purple dress and the purple tights! So pretty. I also really like those boots!
    Almost Endearing

  2. I'm terrible at getting dressed every day... I'm actually sitting in my PJs right now!


  3. I am in LOVE with those shoes. Serious boot lust! <3

  4. This post has inspired me to start wearing coloured tights! x

  5. I know what you mean about getting dressed! I walk about 5Km round trip to work, so when the weather gets colder, all I want to wear are jeans and big old sweatshirts. Which to be honest, is totally what I'm wearing right now. It's hard to be arsed to make your hair pretty and do your makeup when the wind will wreck it all as fast as it can! So kudos for gettin' all dolled up. Even if nobody else appreciates it (though I am SURE Mike at least does!!), you always will be glad you spent the time and effort on yourself.


  6. Those shoes are amazing! Ohhh wish I could buy them right now :)x

  7. Haha, glad I am not the only one who doesn't always feel like getting dressed when you don't need to. I spent all weekend in my pjs, but then I was feeling pretty ill too. Love this outfit, purple looks amazing on you, and I love that blazer, very professional looking xo

  8. I don't think I've seen you in purple ever before? Looks very pretty though!

  9. oh my goodness, those purple tights are perfect!

  10. Actually picking out an outfit makes me feel good the whole day. Instead of just throwing on jeans and a hoodie. I like that having a blog now gives me motivation to look cute :p

  11. I love your outfit!! So cute!! I am also in love with those shoes!!

    Carole Fuchs

  12. Love the ditsy floral dress paired with your tweed coat! And the purple tights give an extra punch of color. Totally loving this look!

  13. First, your hair and purple look lovley together.

    Second, it sounds like a lot of internal change/choices and those are hard. I hope it all works out well though!

  14. i LOVE that you're still wearing your natural hair color. This may sound weird, but i can actually see your face now.

    sloan_gray at yahoo dot comm

  15. i love love the print of your dress, its soo pretty!

  16. I've been loving purple this month :) And I love the print of the dress! Keep trying in the kitchen!

    xo Ashley

  17. I love that jacket especially :)

  18. my purple tights are my favorite tights that I own!


  19. I definitely understand the staying in comfy pajamas all day thing. When you don't have to leave the house, it's almost like what's the point? I don't have classes every day of the week so when I don't I tend to just stay in my pajamas as long as I have nowhere to go. And usually I don't have anywhere to go! But anyway, you look super cute as always and I love love your cool booties!

  20. I understand how hard it is sometimes to get dressed up, believe me im the queen of just staying in my pj's all day. Im trying to get dresses up more often because it always makes me feel good about myself and i also just bought a bunch of new dresses! You look stunning in that purple dress and oh those shoes! You have the most amazing collection of shoes!! Hope your Monday was good!!

  21. I guess I know where I will be on Dec. 1st! I shall be road tripping it up there.

  22. Wow, this is one of my favourite outfits of yours EVER! I love the colours, particularly the purple tights paired with the purple in the dress. While black tights would have worked just as well, the purple tights really take this outfit from good to great!

    Emily Jane xo

  23. Haha! I love "Purple People Eater"! Great song!

    The purple on purple works incredibly well. I love your outfit posts. I think you have a great variety in your posts. You're a blogger I know is sharing her true opinions and feelings. It is refreshing to know you're not just throwing together an outfit haphazardly to promote sponsors. :)

  24. Purple looks amazing on you!
    I don't like jacket's and dress' prints together but I don't know why you look so good anyway.
    The shoes are absolutely amazing and I may like them more than the original ones!

    I always complain about the weather too, even though where I live it's always quite good.
    finally yes, shoes help making friends! :)

  25. I love the combination of grey+purple. I have tries recently and it's amazing!
    I like your outfit, well, styled!!

    Baci, Ylenia di Longuette

  26. that jacket looks amazing on you :)


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