// WWDMAGIC Gift Roundup (ALL THE GIFTS!!!)

Y'all, the WWDMAGIC swag haul this season was INSANE! I photographed nearly 60 items from my haul, and there were still plenty of ("blind") gifts that didn't make the final photos, and probably ones that I've used and forgotten around the house (but don't worry, I'm sure they'll make it into future posts!) I should've gone about this differently, but after 2 hours of photographing and then another hour of editing, then an hour or two of citing and linking, I was just too pooped! (Then I uploaded them and Blogger sucked all of the contrast and color out of the photos... they're so desaturated!) But they'll do! I gave everything a number and will itemize it below the photos so you can quickly access the brand it was sent from. (Again, some of the numbers went wonky and got all big... argh!) Some of the brands are wholesale only so you'll only be able to find the items if you can find a retailer that stocks it. But if you have any specific questions about anything you see, drop me a comment and I'll get back to you! I'll try to make it as easy as possible haha Something about this needs to be easy! (Don't even get me started on trying to lug this stuff across the country while pregnant...)

* Some items are visible in multiple photos, but I kept the number the same. Feel free to view the first instance of the item for the proper link! Numbers 38 + 39 accidentally got used for 2 items each, so just be aware!

1 - LANY cat embroidered handbag  // 2 - Cabrelli rolling travel bag (this thing saved my life all week! hands down the *best* gift of all!) // 3 - Isle Apparel tiered tank top // 4 - Press draped sweater // 5 - Ampere Creations purse // 6 - Grace in LA jeans // 7 - Democracy jeans (love these!) // 8 - Two Lips boots  // 9 - PJ Salvage donut pajama set // 10 - Jacki Design Collection bag // 11 - Chinese Laundry platforms // 12 - Think Positive Apparel tank top // 13 - LeSportsac tote // 14 - Sisters draped sweater (LOVE this so much!)

15 - Magid totes (they sent me 4 bags straight to my house!) // 16 - Kaii lace tassel shrug // 17 - Nomad wedges // 18 - Fuchhi chiffon dress with crochet collar // 19 - Jaleh ivory chiffon dress // 20 - Ezra dress // 21 - David & Goliath tee // 22 - Delicious Agent phone case // 23 - Jsquad beach coverup // 24 - Natural Life tassel scarf // 25 - Halfsox by Trizzio (perfect for flats!) // 26 - Eva Varro tank top

27 - Carla Bravi lace dress // 28 - Elan Beach maxi dress // 29 - Peekaboo Chic skirt slip/extender // 30 - International Citizen tee // 31 - Hart Denim lightweight jacket



32 - Urban Expressions purse (vegan leather!) // 33 - Van Goddy camera bag // 34 - Steps 4 Paws english bulldog tee // 35 - Kix'ies thigh highs // 36 - Beija Flor jeans // 37 - Rat Baby socks // 38 - Ducks in a Row dress // 39 - Eli Noir blazer/jacket

38 - Imoshion tote (vegan leather!) // 39 - By The Moon by Salome Falcon wallet // 40 - Melie Bianco wristlet // 41 - Masqueology face mask // 42 - Julie France shapewear // 43 - Velvet Heart socks // 44 - Boom Boom Jeans shorts // 45 - Girly Go Garter // 46 - Vintage Rose Wraps headband // 47 - Strapletz bedazzled straps // 48 - Love Me Knot hairties // 49 - Banded headbands // 50 - Suzywan Deluxe "be nice" necklace // 51 - Stella Nemiro bracelet

52 - Dragonfly by J. Claire jeans // 53 - Willow & Clay sweater (received a lovely handwritten note + goodie bag with this sweater last week!) // 54 - Three Bird Nestheadband // 55 - Bombshell Accessories Metal Mafia bracelet // 56 - Rocslide hairclip // 57 - Jolie USA headband


PHEW! Are you worn out from just looking at the pictures? Because after about 5 hours+ of assembling this post, I'm exhausted! haha The gifting program at WWDMAGIC (for the official bloggers) is seriously off the charts. Last season we got a hefty amount of stuff, but nothing could have prepared me for what we would receive this year. If a free trip to Vegas and the chance to meet some of your favorite brands isn't reason enough for you to want to participate, surely this will be! I won't be vying for a spot at the next MAGIC since I'll hopefully have a newborn, but this is me strongly urging each and every one of you to give it some thought! It's such a fun experience and you get spoiled rotten haha I have no clue where I'm going to put all of this stuff! Let's just say I have some lucky friends who will get their hands on the goodies I can't wear! The rest will just have to wait until after this baby comes.

Thanks for letting me share one of the best parts of MAGIC! See anything that catches your eye? xo


  1. MAGIC seems like such a unique and intense experience. Clearly they are very generous too!

  2. The peekaboo chic skirt slip extender is genius! Idk why I never thought off something like that! Total must have for me now :-)

  3. HOLY MOLY that's a lot of stuff...wow! Worth going just for the free swag ;) Just kidding but seriously those Chinese Laundry platforms (heart eyes) & Stella Nemiro horse head bangle...I'd kill a man for (haha but seriously...amazing!) & the Imoshian white studded bag is to die for....lucky girl!!!

  4. OHMYGOSH WHAT A DREAM! There are some pieces I can see that are already SCREAMING your name! Can't wait to see how you style it all!!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra
    PS Be sure to enter my giveaway to win a tee or tank from By Luciana!

  5. Can we talk about #34 for a moment, please?!?! SOOOOO FRICKIN CUTE!! As a bulldog rescue human, I LOVE this shirt (and also almost anything with a bulldog on it)!! You have a great haul of stuff and thank you for sharing all the new brands with us. I'm also digging the BE NICE gansta necklace, yo!

  6. WOW! This is quiet a pile of gifts. Enjoy!

  7. I really need that cat purse!

  8. Um... these are GIFTS?! As in FREE?! How do I go about signing up? I want the "If you can't be good, be gorgeous" and the cat hand bag! Ah everything is so beautiful!


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