// Mama (+ Baby) Birthday-Nursery Wishlist

My birthday is in a whopping two days and I've been fielding questions from family about what my pregnant little heart desires. My list is undoubtedly different from last years (ha!), but the truth is I'm just so enamored with precious little baby things that I can't really bear to spend money on much else. (Well, except for maternity clothes because they're becoming a necessity around here...) This little wishlist is just that... a wishlist. Most of these items are things I've grown particularly fond of over the past few months. I've been trying to read loads of product reviews and articles on baby registries, but this is just my dream wishlist. You can probably tell that I'm pretty easily influenced by the blog world around me haha If only I had a bottomless bank account to go along with it! You can also probably get a feel for the theme we've picked out for Baby Flynn's nursery, too. Any guesses?

We're going with an astronomy theme. Nothing too kitschy or baby-ish. But rather something he can grow into over the years that we'll be living in this house. I definitely plan on sharing more about the theme and our attempts at achieving it once we really start putting the room together. While the main colors will be shades of grey and white, we're hoping to infuse some mustard yellow in there, too. I love everything to do with space, and seeing as I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the nursery, I thought it was probably important that I enjoy the surroundings, too. When we first agreed on the theme a couple of months ago, I spent a few hours mocking up what it might look like in Illustrator. While some things will undoubtedly get the boot due to our budget or space restrictions, I'm excited to see how closely we can replicate it.

Here's a run down list of what I chose above and why I chose it:

+ Babyletto Hudson Crib - I've loved this crib since I first saw it. It's incredibly popular in the blog world, and apparently for good reason. Not only have I read a bunch of amazing reviews on it, it also converts into a toddler bed and daybed for when the time comes. Another major bonus? The resale value. If we decide to get rid of it before another little Flynn comes along, we'll still be able to get a pretty penny for it. Luckily I've read accounts from multiple mamas who have used this very crib for several children in a row. I love that it lasts. This is definitely one piece of furniture we're hoping to invest in.

+ Accent and Area Rugs - There's not a single stitch of carpet in our house and I really want to put something nice down on the nursery floor. I'm dreaming of splurging on this yellow Threshold rug for the living room, but I really like this Urban Outfitters rug for the baby's room. I also like the pop color of this H&M rug. It'd be cute in front of the changing table, don't you think?

+ Modern Stroller - My heart is absolutely enamored with the Stokke Crusi stroller. Mike and I really want to get a stroller with a bassinet (the Crusi bassinet is sold separately) because after reading loads of articles we don't really feel comfortable toting the baby around in an infant seat all of the time. Of course the Crusi is way out of our budget, but it's a dream list, right? Another fancy option is the 4Moms Origami stroller. I love how tech-savvy this thing is. Running lights, phone charger, etc. It's also a bit rich for our blood, but I'll admire it anyway! (It also has an optional bassinet attachment!) We tested out and really enjoyed the Mamas and Papas Sola stroller while at Babies 'R Us one day. You can buy a separate bassinet to use with it, too. We hope to save up enough to "splurge" at least a little since we'll be back and forth between home and Nashville a lot. Plus I'd love to have a stroller that will work for him until he's at least 3 or 4 (and maybe has an option for sibling seating (!!! Don't tell Mike I said that... haha)).

+ Storage Baskets - I definitely want to give the nursery a "masculine" feel since normally everything I do is dripping with femininity. I love how rustic these baskets look. They'd be great for holding items on the changing table or in his closet. 

+ Art Prints - Oh man! I've been going crazy over at Society 6! I've been bookmarking all of my favorite space-themed prints and positive affirmations. We won't have a ton happening on the statement wall in the back, but I want to cover the rest of the room in art prints and handmade wall treatments. This Marc Johns print is perfect for a kids room and I'm in love with anything related to this Smiths song.

+ Moon Globe - Since his room will be astronomy themed, I thought this moon globe would look super cute on display. It's not very expensive at all and I love how antique it looks, despite being brand new (and from UO!)

+ Moses Basket and Stand - We plan on keeping the baby in a moses basket/bassinet in our room for the first month or so (if he'll comply). I think I'd feel more comfortable being closer to him and getting in my groove, rather than instantly putting him in another room alone. Luckily Amazon has really affordable options for moses baskets and stands.

+ Solly Baby Wrap - I really hope to baby wear while he's a newborn/infant. I love the look and versatility of the Solly wraps. They look like they'd be so much more comfortable than a bulky, black carrier. The 'Paloma Grey' is my favorite since Mike could wear it, too, though they're all equally stylish.

+ Ikea Pendant Lamp - The nursery doesn't get much natural light, and there's only one tiny (north facing) window in there. I'd love to inject some more light if possible, and I love the look of this pendant. It's inexpensive but eye-catching. My only issue is that maybe our 8' ceilings might be too low! I'll definitely be exploring my options!

+ 4Moms Rockaroo - This thing (and the original Mamaroo) has made it's way around the blog world. Everyone with a new baby is talking about it. While I don't have any (physical) experience with the Rockaroo, we did play around with the Mamaroo while at Babies 'R Us and it seemed incredibly convenient! I'll be juggling a 5 year old on Summer vacation, a newborn, and a hefty workload almost immediately after coming home from the hospital. Mike will be in nursing school full-time and unable to help me transition into this new role. Anything that will allow me a few minutes of me/work/bathing time is high on my wishlist! haha

+ Dresser as a changing table - Right now we're hoping to get a white dresser for the nursery that we can use both for storage and for the changing table. Initially we had picked out a different Threshold dresser at Target, but this has been the only one we've found that we like lately. We'd be able to use the storage baskets to help manage all of his things (like diapers, onesies, etc), all the while being able to also store books or picture frames (you know, until he crawls and all that jazz)

+ Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker - The rocker has been the hardest thing for me to find. I don't want anything with exposed gliders at the bottom (I'd rather not risk tiny fingers getting smashed), but I also don't want anything overly grandma-chic. And rockers are expensive! Holy moly, I was not prepared for that! This Nurseryworks rocker has been the only one I felt had a justified price and looked nice.

Overall that's my initial baby-dream-wishlist haha. One reason I wanted to share things like this is because I know so many of you mamas and mamas-to-be actually have experience with some of these items or brands (or may even want to sing the praises of other products you've picked up!) and I am all ears! I'm totally a newbie at this so I'd love to hear about your experiences! Our house is a rather modest 1100 sq ft so we can't fill it to the brim with a ton of products. We really want to focus on what works well and is worth the space it takes up! If you have anything you'd like to chime in with, I'd love to hear it!

Here's to the last 48 hours of being 25... Yow! xo


  1. I wish you a very happy birthday Kaelah! And hopefully you'll get a couple (or more) of those things on your wishlist. When we are expecting #2 I will definitely come back to this article :)
    ALSO, I saw this article and the first thing I thought was "OMG this boy looks SO MUCH like Toby!!" (you know, at least from the photos on this blog), so I thought you should see it:


    Don't you agree?

  2. Happy birthday, darling!

    I've been wanting that crib ever since I saw it, it is absolutely adorable! All those prints are too die for, and that globe! Aw man, I love it. I can't wait to see how the nursery turns out (seriously, astronomy theme? That's fantastic!)


  3. The moon globe is an awesome idea! So creative!

  4. YES! I love that you are doing yellow and grey. Those are the colors of my living room : )

  5. The yellow and gray is super cute! And also I love the Moses basket. Those are my favorite "takes" on the bassinet idea.

    1. I love the simicity! And the fact they're sooo much cheaper than real bassinets. Bonus: being able to take the basket with us in the living room or to a friends house etc

  6. Would you mind sharing those articles about babies being in infant car seats too much?

    1. I'd be more than happy to if I had bookmarked any of th! I'm not sure what source I found the first one from, but the first article linked to multiple others + medical journal pieces. I think I started looking by googling "bassinet vs. infant seat"! I'm sure that'll bring up loads of the same information I found! It mostly talked about decreased oxygen intake after 15-25 mins in an infant seat, and then getting a flat head due to being restrained for too long.

  7. Happy early birthday to you! Well probably happy birthday by now. Great picks and all super cute while still being useful! This is great for when we have kids!

  8. I LOVE the theme you chose. Very original and cute and love that its not just cutesy and very much like every other baby's room you see. I'm definitely excited to see what you pull together, you have great taste!

  9. Happy birthday! I bet you already know about it but Zulily.com is awesome for little ones and I just searched for sharks on there and they have the cutest things. It makes me wish I was havinga little one so I could get it all!

  10. loving the color scheme! and happy birthday to you my dear <3

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  11. That is a cute idea to use a dress like that as a changing table! I'm interested to hear how that works & very interested in seeing your finished nursery!


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