// Things I Love Thursday v.175

this pennant banner ♥
this gal is a total babe + i'm loving her outfit! ♥
these quaint and colorful homes ♥
this! ♥

♥ i want this illustration on everything
this mural ♥
this strawberry pom pom tutorial ♥
these simple illos ♥
these DIY cactus cards! ♥
this is where i want to be! ♥

oh my heart! ♥

♥ this is amazing! what an experience! ♥

// Say hello to TCGG's newest sponsor: The Palm Tree Boutique! A few of my favorite items: this dress, these leggings (!!!), and this statement necklace.

// This tiny (beautiful!) cabin is sure to impress you... Seriously, check this out.

// Love to paint your nails and give to a charitable cause at the same time? Now you can! Say hello to SquareHue!

// I could never do what Roxy did... You seriously do not want to see me in front of a camera. I'd be so awkward! YouTube videos are bad enough. But this is rad!

// 41 things you need to know right now, for no reason in particular. This post was seriously fascinating. I love random info like this.

// DIYs To Try: 10 healthy, homemade dog treats // floor poufs // hanging garden // restoration hardware inspired end tables

// I'm Martha Stewart. Ask me almost anything. I loved reading Martha's AM(A)A! I really loved that she didn't gloss over the prison questions, too haha

What are you loving this week?


  1. Love this post! Those houses are amazing!

  2. You always have the best TILT posts! I loved the shark video and I will have to go find more videos from that expedition. Speaking of sharks did you see this video? Scuba Divers saved a nurse shark .

  3. oh my gosh, that dog..... it makes me so sad!!!!

  4. Those houses are awesome! And those dogs in costumes! I'm laughing so hard. They look like they're so over it!

  5. Wow, that poor dog! :( Matted hair like that can cause terrible problems for animals-- glad there was a happy ending, at least on that front. Hope he finds a home!

    Those houses are killin' me-- I love 'em!

    What I really wanted to comment on was the article about men always needing to be right. I was discussing this with my boyfriend recently-- that men feel the need to debate and be right all the time. I was telling him that I hate it when men feel the need to be a "devil's advocate" for no reason on issues they know I feel strongly about and have actual experience in. It's a real pain in the butt. The fedora atheist types just need to know when to shut up and stop ~explaining~ to our poor feeble lady brains :/

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  6. I saw that doggie, holy moly I began a 10-hour (over 2 days) marathon of dog rescues, it is absolutely heart breaking seeing them come to the guys and licking them, and then being shed of all their shitty crap coats and playing around. My fave was the 2 staffies playing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K3YrwqOYBc heart breaking seeing Cadence though before. I saw so many videos I had to turn off their sound because I was bawling my eyes!

    I want to rescue a dog now!

    xx Nichola http://fittnixx.blogspot.com/

  7. The sweet rescued puppy made my morning. So happy to see the good in the world. And those other dogs, the one dressed as Yoda, has me completely smitten! Happy Thursday!

  8. I'm going to have to do the strawberry pom craft! And that pup... breaks my heart how people treat animals.. but it warms it back up again to know how many more people take care of them. :)

    carelessly graceful

  9. You always find the most amazing things, Kaelah! I'm gunna go browse all the links. I hope you and The Littlest Flynn, Mike and Toby are all well!

  10. Actually you know the top thing i'm loving this week? My local (ish) beach to me is hosting "Sculptures by The Sea" again and oh my lawwwd there's some rippers. I blogged too ^-^ it's so nifty, and is all over the country on 3 different beaches, it's rare something so awesome stays in Perth for this long.


  11. HA I just posted a nashville guide last week and think my guide now characterizes me as a hipster :)

  12. I always look forward to these posts, thanks for sharing!

  13. i don't know if that post about the dog makes me so happy, or just breaks my heart! loved the 41 facts link - the sleeping walrus is hilarious :')
    xo, cheyenne

  14. I love animal groups that rescue these sweet fur babies!! PRECIOUS - thank you for sharing. Kindness gives the fur-babies love and proof that there are those folks who care and love them.

  15. The cardboard cactus' are amazing! So simple, but perfect. Also, those houses are an absolute dream! I dream of moving to Monterey, CA with my hubby sometime (we are now near S.F.). The houses are like that but a little older, they have fun paint jobs too and have ocean views. One day!

    The hamburger illustration in this post reminded me that I just saw this at Urban Outfitters, who doesn't need a hamburger planter?


    xx, C

  16. I'm glad you posted that dog's transformation. I saw the headline and couldn't bear to open and read the story. But it had a positive ending so that makes me happy!

  17. Ha! Loved that strawberry and the Martha Stewart AMA so much! Thanks for posting!!


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