// Gola Galaxy - Maternity Style - 21 Weeks

This is the first pair of "sneakers" that I've worn in... gosh, I can't even tell you how long. Aside from the shoes I'd wear to the gym (ha! you know, back when I actually had and used my membership), I've never really been one to wear sneakers with any of my outfits. Even when I wore jeans and tees in high school, I usually opted for flip flops over tennis shoes (I never claimed to be "fashionable"). ModCloth asked me to take part in their Gola campaign and I was so in love with the designs that I had to say yes. Sneaker challenge accepted! Truth be told, I've been eager to put this sunny weather and second-trimester high to good use and get some exercise. I've never been a runner, but I do enjoy getting a few miles in while walking. Luckily that's helped me keep somewhat active during this pregnancy and it also puts my anxious mind at ease. (I'm constantly worrying "Is this okay to do?!") You're probably wondering if it's even practical to walk miles in a dress, but I've done things far more bizarre while donning a similar silhouette. All I've needed lately is a light jacket and somewhere to stick my keys and phone. I couldn't help but pair my bright pink Members Only jacket with these galaxy print Golas. How fun is that print?! And I promise I'm not just being biased here, but these shoes are so comfortable. I was given three pairs of Gola sneakers to style and while these weren't my initial first choice, they quickly shot their way to the top of the pile because they're so playful and comfy. I also can't help but love them because I'm currently obsessed with watching Cosmos. Y'all, space is so cool!

This past weekend was a such a whirlwind (I mean, my definition of whirlwind is undoubtedly much more tame than some of y'all, I'm sure! It was probably a super boring weekend in comparison to what some of you got up to haha) Saturday was spent running errands in Nashville while Toby saw his grandparents. I convinced Mike to go maternity shopping with me and while he may not have "loved" every minute of it, I walked away with a plethora of new items to try out! (And he racked up with some Summer shorts and chambray button-downs!) After a few hours at Opry Mills we decided to settle down at Panera to kill some time and fill our bellies. Man, a soup and salad has never hit the spot so well haha After picking up Toby we headed back home and over to my parents' house. Toby likes to spend a few Saturday nights with them each month and we love having some alone time, too. When we got to my parents' house we saw this insane new 4wheeler that my stepdad won at his surveying conference earlier in the day. By some crazy stroke of luck he was the winner of the raffle and he brought home the ATV which is worth nearly $6000! What! I never have luck like that haha Mike and Toby took it for a quick spin before we left. I can't wait until we actually get to go off-roading with it! 

Sunday was spent back in Nashville running a few more errands and then a Him + Honey photoshoot. Ashlee's son just turned 2 and we were lucky enough to snap some photos of him and her sweet family. I was worried the weather would be terrible but aside from the chilly wind, it was a beautiful day! All of the driving left us a bit worn out but we got home and started cleaning for Mike's sister to visit on Monday. 

Maggie hadn't been to our new house yet so it was a treat to show her around and let her see this growing bump. She was able to go with us to pick Toby up from school and see what all he gets to do in the average day. I know Toby was over the moon to see his Aunt Maggie. She's planning a gal pal trip to Tulum, Mexico soon so we got to dish on all of our favorite places to go, see, and eat. I'll admit I'm totally jealous that she's going and I've been begging Mike to let us go back for a babymoon. Sadly that won't be happening haha! A girl can dream! 

This week we're trying to finish up some home projects and I'm enjoying my last few days as a 25 year old. My 26th birthday is on Sunday (!!!) and I need to revisit my 25 Before 26 list to see what needs to be completed! (Spoiler: I slacked off big time this year! Ahhh!) I'm also working on my 26 Before 27 list so if you've got any fun ideas to share, I'm all ears!

I'm also planning out our Summer garden (I hope it happens!) and fun projects to keep me and Toby busy during his Summer vacation. And I'm maybe stalking Pinterest for fun nursery/baby projects and crafts. If you've got a fun Pinterest board or account you want to share, leave your link in the comments below! I'd love to see what you've been pinning lately.

Kensie dress via Stitch Fix
Members Only jacket (c/o - last year)
Gola galaxy sneakers c/o ModCloth

PS; I'm pretty sure I've got straight up wonky-eye in the last photo haha! Whatever - A little bit of derp never hurt anybody!


  1. Ah those trainers are far too cool!

  2. beauty! (also package to you this week, so sorry for the delay!) xo

  3. your hair looks beautiful, kaelah!!!

  4. Your maternity style is beyond fantastic. I'm going to make it my not-pregnant style, if you'll allow it.

  5. Because of reading your blog, I have become ModCloth obsessed! I'm going to be ordering some of their home d├ęcor soon and I can't wait to have such unique pieces to complete my home!

    Thank you SO much for driving to Nashville for our photo shoot. I am so excited to see how they turned out : )

  6. Im not a big sneaker fan either but I totally would rock those celestial ones, maybe it would inspire me to actually go to the gym too if I had cute gear!


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