// Things I Love Thursday v.176

this is seriously so beautiful! ♥
♥ i just HAD to include this whole set of gifs + video! SO good! ♥

this succulent birdcage is amazing! (sadly the source seems to no longer exists!)
this close up of a cat's face is precious ♥
this is the cutest swim class ever ♥
this cheesecake mold! ♥
this notebook! (source to purchase?)
this is "the world's strongest coffee" - 200% stronger than the average roast ♥
this! 25 of the cutest bat species! ♥
♥ i love these little easter eggs in bob's burgers (there are more!) ♥

♥ holy neat! (and a little bizarre to watch in slow-mo!) ♥
this is so cute. i can't say no to a bulldog! ♥

♥ man walks nearly 3000 miles through china. i loved this video ♥

// Doctor saves child's life by practicing heart surgery on a 3D-printed model. Mike told me about this the other day and I had to find the story. 3D-printing is easily one of the most important inventions of our time... Amazing!

// 77 facts that sound like huge lies but are actually completely true. (Well, to be fair, apparently hippo milk isn't actually pink. At least Google says it's not? Care to debunk any others?)

// Hollywood wants to cast Rooney Mara as a Native American, we Native Americans want Hollywood to give us a chance. The solution is simple: Don't rely on "big names" to sell your story... Use actors of the appropriate race. Ugh *head:desk*

// !!! The Palm Tree Boutique is giving everyone 20% off their first order with the code WELCOME - get into it! (Seriously, use it to buy this dress or this necklace!)

// Best Ever Snickerdoodles. I just might have to try this recipe because Mike loves snickerdoodle cookies!

// DIYs To Try: flamingo cocktail invitations (LOVE these! must make them myself!) // dip dyed ombre invitations (perfect for a party or wedding!) // driftwood photo display (so pretty!)

// I love animal adoption stories. Come meet Skippy! Isn't that one precious kitten?! (And look at Isobel kiss her mommy's baby bump! I'm dying! So so sweet!)

// Wishlist Wears: this dress screams loretta lynn! // this dress is way too rich for my blood, but it sure is pretty! // this pattern and silhouette are what dreams are made of // i love these sandals // carousels and ferris wheels? you got it! dreamy! // bubble gum pink heels! // this dress has a watermelon collar! stop everything! (i'm *this* close to buying it, but i'd hack the sleeves off tbh) // i ordered this dress a few days ago and i'm hoping that it looks as cute on me as it does in the photo! i love fruit covered dresses. i can't help it. // 

// SquareHue lets you travel the world with nail polish! Their latest campaign includes multiple cities from around the globe and I'm super excited to share more with you next week!

// In case you missed it: 13 small workspaces with personality, a little motivation to get you through any day (check the comments, too!), and last week's favorite: a dream wardrobe for this baby boy!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Looks like the cat notebook might be from Typo ( http://shop.cottonon.com/ ), as per this post: http://www.news100.co.za/news/note-worthy-41298

    That said, I think it might be sold out. Can't find it in the shop, but I can find some of the other notebooks pictured in the post above.

  2. I love Bob's Burgers and I especially love the ever changing and hilarious burger of the day board. It is the best! As always, a great list!

  3. My favorite part of Bob's Burgers is the beginning seeing what the building next to him changes to every time - well that and the Burger of the day board, and Tina and well, ALL OF IT!

  4. Ahh this cheesecake mould is awesome! And this cute bulldog made me chuckle!

  5. The bulldog bum! <3
    Also... that video was amazing!

  6. Have you seen the Grizzly Man documentary? If you like bears it's very interesting.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  7. I love the close up of the cat nose and tongue! And if you find the source of the kitty notebook, please share!

  8. love the birdcage with succulents, what a neat idea! and those bat species are tooo cute.
    xo, cheyenne

  9. Aww I love baby bats!
    Bulldogs are just so clumsily adorable, right?
    Cat's tongues and noses are always the cutest thing!
    I am drooling over the cheesecake thing and the hardcore coffee just triggered my curiosity.
    I fucking love this post!

  10. Love the "I like naps & You" journal. So cute. Here are my things I love thursday: http://www.rainbootsandbeef.com/2014/03/things-i-love-thursday.html

  11. Hey lovely! You can buy those notebooks and similar from Typo.com.au :) IT's an Australian stationery website.

  12. Who is the female speaker in those gifs? LOVE.


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