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i love that sweet man of mine.
 our deck is ready to host some get togethers! who's in?!
last night's sky from our front yard
 macarons from the freezer section of the grocery store haha (they were delicious!)
 adios, glitter wall

i hope they have grilled cheese with cholula in heaven
 spring is almost here!
 a 20-week bump. halfway there!

a precious gift for our little dude on the way (c/o baby aspen) 
 our attempt at being organized. our kitchen has zero storage space haha
 lucky finds dumped in tjmaxx's "impulse aisle"
 toby bought flowers for a little girl at school that he likes. my heart!
 hockey is the new flynn family obsession. (this ice/snow was just last week!)
 i'm back to the sign grind! a little break is nice, but i love making these.
 setting up my workspace in the kitchen.
 trying to look cute in jeans... a whole new world for me haha 
pipkin and georgia... awake for once.

READING: In the last Currently post I said I was reading Adulting and I actually just finished re-reading it. It was the perfect companion for my flights to Vegas for WWDMAGIC a few weeks ago. (I definitely want to do a full "review" on the book soon, so stay tuned if you're interested!) Right now I'm rotating between a few unread chapters of What To Expect When You're Expecting and various internet articles, studies, and blog posts about baby gear. 

WONDERING: How our anatomy scan is going to go this morning. Today is the big day when it comes to seeing how Baby Flynn is developing! I've been having a lot of nightmares recently and I think they can be attributed to my anxiety about the ultrasound. I just hope everything is okay! I also had a dream where we went to our 20-week scan and they told us he was actually a she and then I got all flustered and frustrated haha (I'm happy with either sex, don't get me wrong! But I've been planning for a little dude for 5 weeks now haha I guess the surprise happens to some parents at the actual delivery though, so let's cross our fingers it doesn't happen to us!)  I'm also wondering how on earth we're going to get the glitter off of the wall in the office... I'm sad to paint over our gorgeous geometric glitter wall, but we're planning to do a similar thing in the colors of the nursery. 

FEELING THANKFUL: To live somewhere Toby can be in school, on a baseball team, and safe. Living in a small town certainly seemed to be full of drawbacks when I was younger, but now as a parent I see the benefit. toby can play outside with neighborhood kids, run wild at the park, and we can get him to school within 10 minutes of waking up when we accidentally oversleep (uh, no that we know anything about that... haha) While It may not be littered with amenities, a small town trumps East Nashville (in our minds) any day. I don't miss the gunshots and sketchy neighborhoods. I do miss the dog part though... I bet Georgia and Pip do, too.

EATING: everything. haha That's not entirely true, though I do feel hungry constantly it seems. Lately I've been craving Cholula on everything! Hot sauce and grilled cheese, hot sauce and fried eggs, hot sauce and omelettes... Luckily I haven't experienced any heartburn yet. For a few days I ate multigrain Cheerios for almost every meal (I still eat it for breakfast every day ha). And peperocinis! My cravings have been all over the place.

WATCHING: Suits just came back on (!!!) and I'm stoked. I actually haven't been watching much tv lately because the weather has been so nice. Between carting Toby to baseball practices and doing some work around the house, I feel like I'm on the move 24/7. At least I have some energy now and can actually function like a regular human being. But two shows worth noting: Kroll Show and Broad City. Both air on Comedy Central. I love Nick Kroll. Like, love him, love him. And Jenny Slate, too. And Broad City is everything I've ever wanted in a female comedy show. It's so crazy and off the wall, but so so perfect.

WORKING ON: Spring cleaning! I don't know if it's the weather or the nesting instinct, or maybe a combination of both, but I've been eager to just get it done! We've only got 6 weeks until Mike is in school full-time so I'm taking advantage of having him around the house to lift/move heavy things, put things together and reorganize the shed. We hauled off an overflowing truckload of junk from our shed earlier in the week, and donated a ton of stuff to the local food/clothing bank. We're making room for everything we have to move out of our office to make way for the baby. We also bought a real (!!!) bed frame and tossed the pallet frame we had built 2 years ago (Mainly so we could store shoes + cardigans under there haha!) We're finally making some real progress on our home despite being here a year already (last month! Whoa!) Maybe I'll even feel inspired enough to do a little house tour or something this Summer.

LOVING: this weather! Oh my stars! Yesterday it hit 78 degrees for a short while! Of course by the time we got Toby dressed and to baseball practice there was a chilly wind moving in, but other than that it has been stunning. Crisp, blue skies and sunshine! It's amazing how different I can feel in a one week span. Going from a gloomy "ice storm" to warm air and sun... I'm a new woman. I'm convinced that we need to move somewhere that Winter doesn't exist. South Florida, maybe?

ATTEMPTING: to juggle my current workload with family time and some "me" time. That's always the struggle though. I want to enjoy the Spring season with Mike since he'll be off at school all day soon. I want to spend time playing with Toby in the yard while I can still move around like a normal person. I want to rock all of these design clients I currently have (such a busy time of the year!) and book more so I don't feel guilty taking time "off" come Summer. It's a delicate balance over here, and I'm constantly just trying to figure it out!

WANTING: to make the most of Spring and early Summer this year. It'll be just the three of us for a short while until the baby comes and I know schedules will get thrown for a tizzy then. I want to make sure Toby knows how much we love him, so he doesn't get jealous or feel left out once we give a lot of attention to his brother. If any of you have tips on how to ease a big sibling into their new role, I'd love to hear it!

What are you up to today?
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  1. I always love these posts of yours! I did a similar one last week: http://bit.ly/1ee9ECU
    And really, nothing has changed except that I am also enjoying gorgeous Spring weather before the new cold front moves in on the weekend.. I really want to go take some photos of Spring blooms tomorrow before the sun disappears again!

    Oh, and being an oldest sibling who wanted to call her younger sister "stupid head" when she arrived (no nicknames for my younger brother, I was already resigned to my fate by then), I think jealousy is inevitable. What really helped me was that I got to do things "on my own", like I had my own gymnastics group and went to play dates, etc. without my Mom, and that made me feel really important and grown up at the time, which in turn made me be more relaxed towards sharing things with my younger siblings. Could maybe be something to think about, but, like me, I'm sure Toby will adore his younger sibling (most of the time, at least ;) )
    xx Johanna
    Dear Life, We Need To Talk

    1. I'm excited he'll be old enough to actually help, so yea I think that might be a good way to try and ease into it all! xo

  2. Looking fantastic!!! congrats on your new addition!

  3. I love currently posts, and I am loving all your pregnancy updates! I think you really suit jeans. I can definitely understand the small town bit, I live in London now but my other half and I have always agreed on moving back to the countryside in a village somewhere to raise kids, so many more pros in my opinion. The weather here in the UK has suddenly taken a warmer, sunnier turn and it's so lovely. I forgot what not being cold was like.....!

    Beth // SANS SOUCI

  4. I have not done a currently post in a while but I did read Adulting based on your recommendation from your last currently post and reviewed on my blog. I am a huge fan of that book and I just started reading A Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking by Kate Payne.

    1. i've heard great things about that book! i'll put it on my list to check out! so so glad you loved Adulting as much as I did!

  5. Ohhh no no no, you don't want to move somewhere where winter doesn't exist, TRUST ME! I live in constant 90F and it is NO FUN! I would love to be able to wear boots, jackets, cardis and the like at least for some months of the year... looking forward to moving to NZ (super drastic change) where it is mostly cold at all times... :0

  6. Aww such a lovely post. Toby's looking so grown up, I bet he can't wait to be a big brother! From my own experience as an older sibling, I didn't experience much jealousy and I put that down to being very included in looking after my baby brother. Helping mummy fold laundered baby clothes, bottle feeding (holding the bottle while mummy held him of course) and both my Mum and Dad still put aside a little time for me, to take me to the movies or to do baking without him now and again, so I didn't feel restricted to doing 'baby appropriate' things all the time .It made it feel like we were all a family looking after our new arrival rather than me being forgotten.

    Side note: that shark baby-grow is amazing!... if I should have a child in the future, boy or girl, they shall be dressed as carnivorous animals from day one.

    Bella . BELLAETC

  7. Nick Kroll is HILARIOUS. I saw him on the League for ages and his show is so strange-weird-great.

    1. YES! The League is one of my all time favorite shows. I'm so sad they moved to FXX (because I don't get it) but I might try to find it on a torrent or something. SOOO good!

  8. Your life is so beautiful - I love seeing these pictures! (in a completely non creepy way of course)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  9. Totally bought Adulting for my Kindle after clicking the link. LOVELY pictures! You should do more picture posts (if you have time.want to that is :P)

  10. I don't believe I have ever seen you either in person or online with your hair up and jeans. IT TOTALLY WORKS!

  11. I'm expecting my third baby right around the same time as you and I am also putting hot sauce on everything. I mean everything!! I'll go through a bottle a week!! yay to grilled cheese covered in hot sauce!

  12. beautiful photos.

  13. Hi Kaelah, I am a long time reader and just love your blog. I noticed you mentioned some sketchy areas in East Nashville and was wondering if you could give me any recommendations on safer parts of East Nashville. My boyfriend and I are looking to move there around the beginning of summer. Thanks for any help!

    1. Hey Jessica! Thanks for the kind words! I'll be 100% honest with you: There's not a non-sketchy part of East Nashville. It just doesn't exist. Some people will tell you certain parts are better than others, but they're all mega sketch. Even in Inglewood. I might be incredibly biased because we had a teenager shot in our backyard (the house right behind us) while we were home and outside one Sunday afternoon (with Toby). That's what made us immediately decide to get the heck out of dodge. We regularly heard gunshots (it's an East Nashville tradition), and drive-bys happened less than a stone's throw from our house. We lived right off Cahal on the East side of Gallatin and even though it relatively "quiet" for East Nashville, we'll likely never ever move back. I think it's different when you're just a young couple vs. having young children, too. We moved there before we knew we were getting custody of Toby (though it happened within 2 weeks of moving), but seriously, it wasn't worth the "hip" status. East Nashville, to me, is better for day trips and visits. Not actual living :) I'd recommend a nearby suburb or a different neighborhood completely, honestly. It's easy to enjoy the good parts of East Nash (the food, the shops, the events) when you don't actually live there haha! You're welcome to email me if you want to chat more about the city itself (not sure if you're currently local or not), but I'm always game to chat! xo

  14. Love this post! That text message made my heart melt, you are a very lucky lady. x


  15. 1. You look beautiful
    2. Toby is so cute with the flowers for "his girl"
    3. And just to let you know: I'm taking the next flight to Tennessee to chill with you on your lovely deck and to drink pregnancy-friendly cocktails :)

    Love, Tatjana

  16. You can still see your toes so that's a good sign!

    I want to come shopping in your house. Everything is own is ridiculously cute.

  17. Kaelah, you look FRIKKING GORGEOUS in that photo with the orange cardigan! I hope I look as stunning as you when I'm pregnant!! What a babe!


  18. Im loving this update! it's perfect and you look ADORABLE with your belly <3 cannot wait to see pictures of baby Flynn when he comes.
    Your life seems so fulfilled, I'm truly happy for you — even if it seems like your a busy bee 24/7; you're a lucky gal! — also, keep up the baby bump pictures!

  19. I love reading about your life- and yes the weather just makes everything so much better! Howp this second ultrasound goes/went well!

    I did do a Currently post just the other day actually too: http://www.withoutastyle.com/2014/03/currently.html

  20. 1. I almost bought frozen section macaroons at Target the other day but talked myself out of it. "They can't be nearly as good as legit macaroons." Thanks to you I'm totally gonna buy some tomorrow now.

    2. Love the storage in the kitchen. We're hopefully moving to a way smaller space this summer so I needed this inspiration.

    3. What To Expect When You're Expecting can be terrifying. Informative but terrifying. I loved The Pregnancy Book by Dr. Sears. Just FYI. Read them all obviously (if you want) but just thought I'd threw my 2 cents in the hat since you (totally didn't) asked.

    3. You look mega kick ass in jeans.

    4. Putting Adulting on my to read list. Because I still haven't figured it all out.

  21. What a beautiful post! You look as pretty in jeans as you do in dresses. You're a beautiful woman and the fact that you share all of this with us is really inspiring. Your pictures make me feel like I know you - I hope that doesn't sound to weird. I do 'life lately' posts on my blog, reading this I think I need to work on mine ;)

  22. I really like your hair up and I really like you in jeans! DO IT!

  23. your deck looks like it's ready for some parties! and you look great, very cute in jeans!
    xo, cheyenne


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