// Top Ten WWDMAGIC Discoveries

Today I'm going to share with you some of my top favorite "discoveries" at MAGIC this season! Some of them are products, some of them are experiences, and some of them are just ideas. It's a nice mix of things if I do say so myself! Enjoy! xo
1. Tokidoki for London Sole! - Y'all, this line is unreal! And your eyes aren't deceiving you... that's totally a donut-inspired ballet flat. Every one of the TDxLS shoes are 100% made by hand. Every seam is hand stitched. Some of the shoes require more than 25 people to work on them. (25 people for EACH shoe! Insanity!) Of course the price certainly reflects the quality, but you get what you pay for!
2. Interviewing Kristin Cavallari - Kristin designed another (her fifth!) collection with Chinese Laundry this season and Cheryl and I were given the exclusive scoop on everything (along with Emily from StyleSmith). I was pretty nervous going into it, and even more so when I saw there were 100+ people crammed outside of the booth just to sneak a picture of Kristin. But all of my nerves melted away once I got to interviewing her. She's incredibly easy to talk to and I of course had to throw in a few questions about her baby boy on the way (Yeah, you know, KC and KB having something in common... ha!) and how she balances her style with her "mom" life. (I know I look a hot mess in the photo, don't worry. I've been told! But it was still a lovely experience!)
3. This gorgeous dress from Little Mistress - I saw it from the floor walkway and I made a mad dash to the booth to check it out in person. The mesh detailing with the layered waist and tulle skirt?! A ballerina dress for everyone!
4. Spring florals were everywhere! - Obviously we're gearing up for some Spring sunshine in the Northern Hemisphere and I couldn't be more excited. I loved seeing all of the floral fabrics and displays in the booths around the floor. I'm into it! (photo via WWDMAGIC)
5. Justin Pierce's Live Paintings - Justin was at MAGIC last season, too, but this time around I felt like I was actually able to check out his work. He paints with bold, black lines and bright, vivid colors. They range from abstract to portraits, and I'd be so stoked to hang one in my home. It wouldn't match anything else, but that's okay. His work is truly awesome and fun!
6. Personal Style vs. Trends - This wasn't so much a "tangible" discovery as it was just an internal one. After traipsing the floor for several hours and seeing a lot of the same things in different booths, I realized I'm a firm believer in personal style trumping trends. Don't get me wrong... trends totally have their place in the industry and forecasting those trends allows brands to be successful. But as a consumer I have to say that the best looks are the ones you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Even if it's "so 2010" or "out of season." Rock what you love. If you wear something trendy just for the sake of fitting in, you'll end up looking like a try-hard. The more you love what you're wearing, the less you need others to!
7. Statement Necklaces! - I don't care how played out or overdone others might find this trend, but I love it. It took me way too long to get into it, and I don't fully utilize my collection, but I love how a simple statement (oxymoron?) necklace can transform the most basic outfit. I've been wearing one with a maternity vneck and jeggings the past few weeks, and it makes me look slightly more pulled together. I'm all for casual outfits, don't get me wrong. But when I'm able to give it a sparkle, you best bet I'm gonna! (photo via WWDMAGIC)
8. Hyper  Feminine Meets Biker Babe - I spoke on a panel about trends in womenswear and to be totally honest, I'm not 100% sure if this would be considered a "trend." Like I mentioned in point 6, I'm a huge fan of personal style, and this one hits home for me. I love to pair something super girly with something tough and edgy. This Little Mistress dress goes so well with my new Anatomie leather jacket and Urban Expressions bag! (Update it with a studded black clutch for nighttime!) 
9. Unique displays! - I wrote a piece for the MAGIC blog last year about my favorite floor displays and I couldn't help but pay attention to them again this year. As bloggers we're incredibly visual people. Not only do we style our outfits and our homes, but also our online spaces. Many of us dabble in other areas of creative work and seeing these displays made me so excited to merchandise Honeybean when we open her back up later this year. It also gave me a hefty stockpile of ideas for if/when a brick and mortar shop becomes a reality. (photo via WWDMAGIC)
10. Panels - I mentioned them in my last WWDMAGIC post but it bears repeating: I love panels! In this particular one we were showcasing some of our favorite items on the floor. My choices included: a beaded bright blue crop top, a yarn adorned crossbody bag (with big poms!), a flattering pin-up inspired dress (always!), and the most incredible beaded, translucent shrug I've ever seen. My heart hurt when I had to return it to the booth! haha

And that's that! My Top 10 MAGIC Discoveries! I still have a couple more WWDMAGIC posts to share over the coming weeks, so I hope you'll stay tuned! xo


  1. Those shoes and the ballerina dress! <3_<3 SO DREAMY! I hope you had a wonderful time lady and I can't wait to see more!!!

    x Sara from andalittlechaos.blogspot.com

  2. I'm with you. There have been a lot of trends that I've liked, but what I wear (be it a trend at the time or not) is totally based on what I like.

    All that pink tulle is totally breathing life into me, though. Oh my lordd.

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  3. This sounds like such a fun event! I 100% agree about trends vs style. I like to throw a trend or two into my look but when I'm going for pieces to invest in there're classic "Sue" every time.

  4. I'm so glad I re-discovered your blog! Years ago I was a frequent leader but I lost track of all the blogs I followe. Still love you and your style <3!

    xox Years of our lives

  5. The Feminine meets Biker Babe look/style/trend/whatever is my FAVORITE. I love the juxtaposition between a super feminine piece and an edgy piece.

  6. The feminine meets biker babe look is my favorite style/trend/look/whatever. I love the way a super feminine piece like lace or tulle looks next to an edgy piece like leather and studs.

  7. THOSE DONUT SHOES. Absolutely incredible. Love this!

    xox Sammi

  8. It looks amazing and I love the feminine meets biker chic! I haven't gotten into the statement necklace trend yet, but I've always wanted to try it. Red lipstick, no problem, but somehow I find bold necklaces intimidating. Time to get over that fast, because these are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love Kristen C.!! But where do I buy the pretty dresses I see in this blog??? I'm all about spring dresses.

  10. Those doughnut flats are too dreamy for words! I neeeeeeeed them. I'm totally with you on personal stylet trumping trends. I'll bring in touches of trends here and there, but mostly I like to stay true to my personal style.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  11. Lovely blog! Any idea when the tokidoki shoes are going to be sold?

    xo joyce


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