// Cherry Blossoms - Maternity Style - 21 Weeks

Happy first (full) day of Spring! I knew I had to share this outfit today as it was perfect for the occasion! Truth be told, I've been living in jeans and v-necks the past several weeks (months?!). It's so very out of character for me, but I've honestly felt great. I haven't tried maternity jeans yet, but instead just flaunt around with my pants unbuttoned thanks to my handy belly band (!!!). I'm still loving the "looking" pregnant part, and jeans and tees help me out in that regard. Of course I'm rotating between one pair of jeans, one pair of jeggings, a handful of maternity shirts (the BumpStart line from Motherhood is amazing!), and a few cardigans, so my outfits have been pretty limited lately (hence why I haven't shared any). I've missed "dressing up" and feeling slightly more put together. Though I'll admit the comfort factor of casual dressing is way up there! I'm trying to find that balance of dressing for "me" and dressing this bump. If y'all have any great resources for maternity clothes, send them my way! I'd love to hear some recommendations! 
Wednesday was gorgeous so I opted to break out my cherry blossom dress and give it a spin. This dress is amazing! I first fell in love with it at WWDMAGIC last August when I pulled it from the VooDoo Vixen rack to share at a Discovery panel. A few months later VooDoo Vixen offered to send me some pretty pieces from their site (I'll share the cardigans soon!) and I instantly went for this dress. I knew we were expecting, but had no idea how my mid-section would grow, so I opted to order one size up. Luckily it's more than roomy and I'm hopeful I'll be able to wear it for most (if not all) of this pregnancy. The pleated skirt is ultra forgiving whether you're with child or just blessed in the booty like I am haha While I do really enjoy looking pregnant, this dress totally camouflages it and sort of makes it our "little secret" again. It's kind of fun! (But yes, I couldn't resist the urge to do the cliche pregnant lady pose... twice! You can side-eye me if you must haha I'm just that excited, guys! This pregnancy has flown by and I know I'll miss the feeling once it's gone. I just want to enjoy every second of it that I can, ya know?)

My little straw hat is also a MAGIC find, but from this season. I forgot to include it in my haul last week (sorry for those blurry photos! I didn't realize it on the laptop or camera... but it's painfully obvious on my desktop!), but I was excited to don it around town. Our family has this silly "tradition" (if you can call it that in it's infancy?) where the fellas have a "vacation hat" that they wear on our trek down to the beach each Summer. Mike, my step dad and Toby each have one they put it on the second they walk into the RV, and they wear it most of the vacation. Toby was excited when he saw mine and asked "Is that your bacation hat, mom?" haha! (Yes, bacation. It sounds like a bacon vacation... where do I sign up?!) And I'm excited to join the ranks this year. We're already planning our jaunt to the Gulf in late June, just before my 36-week travel cut-off. Let's hope this baby stays put so I can enjoy one last hoorah with my toes in the sand! Y'all have no idea how much I'm looking forward to the beach... c'mon June!

This week has been super productive over at our house. We've painted over my geometric wall after clearing out the room entirely, and we're getting ready to tape up the nursery pattern. We paid our taxes (wahhh!), raked and burned the leaves in the yard, and I've wrapped up 3 or 4 design clients. I don't know where this productivity is coming from, but I'm sure glad it's here. Now I keep finding myself on Pinterest wanting to do ALL THE CRAFTS! Maybe it's the nesting instinct kicking in, but I've been working on prototypes for the nursery for the past few days. I'm trying to resist the urge to head to Hobby Lobby and blow a load of cash on supplies for projects I'll likely never do. Isn't that the Pinterest curse?! 

I know I said I wouldn't turn into a pregnancy/baby/mommy blog when I announced our news, but geeze o'pete it's hard not to daydream over this little baby 24/7. Not only that, but lately I've noticed just how much Toby has grown (and how cute he is!), and I melt each time I see him at baseball practice. He's a tiny little man! We filled out his kindergarten paperwork for enrollment this week, and every time I think about him and this baby on the way I can't help but feel so incredibly humbled to be their mom, ya know? Ugh, I'm getting all mushy and introspective about being a parent... It's time to log off! haha

Until next time... xo

Tilly dress c/o VooDoo Vixen
Belt (from another dress)
Marshall's cardigan
Hat c/o San Diego Hat Co. (via WWDMAGIC)
Michael Kors Gansevoort tote
Target flats (that have seen their better days... full of holes!)


  1. so beautiful! cant believe that youre pregnant, thats too gorgeous! wish you all the best :)

  2. You look so happy, I love it!
    The colours are perfect for spring - and you can pregnant lady pose all you want, it always brings a smile to my face thinking about you and your lovely family :)

    Sunny greetings from Germany,
    ♥ Katha

  3. You look absolutely glowing! Such a pretty mama-to-be!

  4. It does really get hard to think/write baout other things because our brains are ALL BABY ALL THE TIME. I keep thinking I've got a decent mix of baby/non-baby and then I look and it's like four prego-related posts in a row. Well damn.

    I am living in GAP maternity pants, because the demi panel is boss but I hate full panel (I can't wear the belly band for that reason; it is DRIVING ME CRAZY when I try). I have like one maternity shirt but lots of flowy shirts i don't wear that often so I'm hoping to depend on them, and Old Navy maternity for tanks and t-shirts when I have to give up and buy them. I am the opposite of a dress person, so I really can't help you there haha.

    I don't know about the 'bump' pose! I don't think anyone will ever see me do that in real life if I can help it, because I would be worried it would make people feel invited to touch it and I'd have to start choppin' of some hands.

    We're supposed to travel to IL in July, right before our cut-off date, and I keep hoping everything goes according to plan, because otherwise I'm not sure what we'll do! I want to see my family before this baby shows up!

  5. Oh I love this dress + card combo! Such a perfect spring outfit, especially the colours are just gorgeous. And I can't believe you're already 21 weeks, yay! Sounds like the nesting instinct has kicked in early for you, it's so cool, isn't it? I've got 2 weeks left and I am still frantically trying to get everything organised, much to my husband's annoyment /amusement!

  6. These photos are so lovely, KB!!! Those colors look amazing on you and that bump, AH! So cute. I'll just be over here daydreaming about pregnancy and being a parent now, thanks. ;) My blog will be so full of mush when that time comes, ohhh lord.

  7. Gorgeous, lady!!! That dress is amazing!

  8. SO BEAUTIFUL KAELAH! Seriously, you look good in everything.

  9. This dress is gorgeous! I love it! And you look amazing as always.

  10. Dress is lovely. My sister is due in september and is in that weird "do i just look fat or pregnant phase"....she hates it and can't wait to actually have a sizeable bump so it doesn't just look like an unfortunate body type. The belly bands things seem like a great great invention...so much so that I want one...and I am not even pregnant...I just don't love buttoning my jeans. Sorry/not sorry.

  11. I know I've said this on every post lately but you are seriously so beautiful! I've never seen anyone suit pregnancy as much!

  12. You are absolutely GLOWING, Kaelah! I wish you would post more of these maternity style posts, especially ones like this one where you'll definitely be able to wear this dress again after the Littlest Flynn's arrival. It's great to see how you're being versatile within your existing wardrobe!


  13. That dress is absolutely gorgeous. And you are the cutest little pregnant lady ever! I lived in leggins and t-shirt when I was pregnant, so not very cute, but soo comfy!


  14. This dress is gorgeous, you look beautiful in it and you have the matching nail polish! Welcome spring!

    Love, Tatjana

  15. what a lovely dress! you look gorgeous :)
    xo, cheyenne

  16. Gorgeous photos, how spring-y :)
    I loved that little story about the vacation hat, that's such a cute idea and so cute that they're all so into it!


  17. Really nice dress. And you are glowing good look with the baby :)


  18. You look absolutely gorgeous and glowing - and that dress! I adore it.

  19. You look absolutely gorgeous and glowing - and that dress! I adore it.

  20. ahh kaelah that dress!!!! and pregnancy is suiting you so well. You look wonderful :D

  21. Your style is always wonderful - and EVEN maternity style is awesome!

  22. Ah omg you're adorable. I think maybe this dress was made for you!! If you weren't doing the 'cliche baby pose' you wouldn't even be able to tell that you're pregnant, you look amazing. That fit of dress is perfect on you!! I want to see jeans and tee photos!! Haha, is it odd that I'm looking forward to those? Other than on IG I've never seen you wear pants lol.

    Also I feel you on the Pinterest front. I did 4 Pinterest DIY/recipes this past weekend which is absurd as usually I wouldn't even attempt any. Change of seasons/change or something!!

    I hear you on the baby/mommy blog front, I've said the same thing but I totally know that I would and hey, why not? It's YOUR blog, that;s whats going on in your life and interests and situations change and that's alright. We're all getting older and growing too so chances are our interests are changing, in a way, together...right? At least you & I's haha. I find myself following more family/home decor blogs than anything else lately anyway.

    You rule girl.

  23. Nice post!

  24. Nice outfit ! Love your tatoos !


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