Things I Love Thursday

these piranha plant wine glasses... what! ♥
♥ this amazing hair dryer! ♥
this fantastic quote + illustration ♥

these rollerskates (holy- you can buy them in pink/leopard, zebra, purple, etc!) ♥

this cute drawing ♥
these crafty hot dog sugar cookies! ♥
♥ these gloves. ♥
this incredibly inspiring workspace ♥
♥ these unicorn cookies... c'mon! ♥
♥ this amazing dreamy-worthy ombre cake... ah! birthday cake plz?! ♥

Other Awesome Things:
♥ // Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday (I know, I know) but I'm trying really hard not to turn our entire loft into this... Fighting the urge, y'all!

♥ // Speaking of fighting the urge... I'm suppressing my need to sand and paint absolutely every piece of furniture we own after seeing this awesome makeover. We did some major work to 2 dressers and a side table in summer '10 and I think we're still recuperating! (But man alive it looks gorgeous!)

♥ // Since we're moving in the next 2-2.5 weeks (hopefully!), I've been glued to Pinterest in my down time and I can't help but find a million and seven things I want to do. We're going to try and procure a cheapo stackable washer + dryer for the new house for the time being and I kind of want to give this a go. The dials are really shoddy, but it could be so cool! $10 appliance makeover?! Nice!

♥ // Penny over at Poorly Drawn Things just released new silk screened pouches in her shop! Proooobbbbably worth checking out. Just sayin'.

♥ // This DIY postcard calendar journal on Design*Sponge has got me wanting to make something soon! It's such a fun and minimalist approach to journaling. It'd be fun to look back and see what I was doing (in a jiffy) several years ago. 

♥ // I'm going crazy with wood pallet DIYs and I'm already dreaming up a headboard, bed platform, coffee table and maybe even this if I'm feeling reallll crazy. We want a raised bed garden in the backyard but this could be rad for some herbs maybe?

♥ // Things I'd really like to add to my closet: these (SWOON!), these (!!!, and in black... and maybe aztec). And even though I never wear watches, I'd totally give in for this black + gold lion watch or the white + gold skull watch from Betsey Johnson. Srsly... I'll take both.

♥ // I'm totally loving the prospect of moving into an actual house in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping today brings us good news about the little cottage. Cross your fingers! I promise to delve more into our decision later if we're able to rent it! (but I'm totally not loving the waiting part!)

What are you loving this week?


  1. Gorgeous finds! The red appliances are amazing <3

  2. I love all these pictures! :) Those wine glasses totally make me want to drop everything and bust out the original nintento system and beat my hubby in some Mario! :) Happy almost Friday gal!

  3. I love love the first twooooo!!<3

  4. Really great finds - I would feel too cool drying my hair with that hairdryer, ha! Hoping that you find out something soon about the house...good luck!!

    xx Ashleigh

  5. The waiting is the worst, isn't it? I haven't even looked at places in New Mexico yet, it's driving me insane.

    That hair dryer is neat but I think would be a bit of a mind-F for me every morning, hahaha.

  6. Ahhh! I absolutely love every single thing you have posted! I especially love that craft room. It's going in my "plans for the house" folder! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  7. Wow I love everything in this weeks Wishlist. You always show the cutest outfits and finds from the internet. <3 this blog.

  8. That hair dryer is aaaaamazing! Such pretty rollerskates too - thanks for the links to the lovely artwork too! xo

  9. I am so going to do the DIY postcard calendar journal, because I think it is such an amazing idea! I just haven't gotten a fruit basket, yet, so I've been keeping a list of my little journal entries on the computer, so I can add them to it, when I get one. I want to start it this year. I'm anal, so it would have to be started in January, you know, so every card, every year would have the same amount of lines filled in. I know... loser, haha.

  10. All of the finds are great! I was trying to choose my favourite but I just can't!!xx

  11. :O i need those wine glasses in my life! x

  12. Great skates and super cute gloves.

    ♥ sécia

  13. I love the little hot dog sugar cookies and the work space. I wish I had something like that.

  14. that hair dryer needs to be in my life and i could use a few of those hot dog sugar cookies too! yum!!!

  15. heck yea unicorn cookies!! and that ombre cake! that hair dryer is bananas, i need it. i'm obsessed with valentine's day too..feb is my bday month so it's my favorite!


  16. Omg those unicorn cookies! I love them. And those piranha plant wine glasses are awesome! And the little sailor girl drawing too. Haha. :)

    xx Jessica

  17. The cake and the fancy work space: I want them!!

  18. Great post :) Love the quote. And the cake!


  19. Unicorn cookies? shut up, I need some :D thanks for sharing, these are all awesome. I always love checking out your discoveries every week, such neat stuff! :)

  20. Ummm best wine glasses ever?!

  21. Thank you for introducing me to the shop Basement Invaders!

  22. All of the links you posted at the bottom are amazing! The appliance makeover? Wow! Showing the hubs! I'm also thinking of doing an easy journal like that! And the waiting game? Ugh...neat til you go to close on your 1st home!

  23. I love the hair dryer, that is so cute. I'm sure my boyfriend would get sick of the Wild West jokes if I ever actually bought this hair dryer. Roller skates! I use to roller skate every Wednesday and I kind of miss it, I've thought about doing roller derby because it looks fun but my skating skills are lacking and I know it is a dangerous sport, I don't think a serious knee/leg/arm injury would ever be worth it. Unicorn cookies! Delicious, adorable, and full of fabulous - speaking of full, they should get in my tummeh. That cake can join the stomach party too, it is soo pretty, I'd feel guilty cutting into it. I like Valentines Day too, mostly because I like the heart print stuff at stores, I love thy heart print. Congrats again on the new place! I can't wait to see what you do with it.


  24. That Gun-Holster hairdryer is amazing!!!!

  25. I love those mittens!!! And the ombre cake?? Too beautiful to eat!!!!

    Thumbprints That Love To Look Cute

  26. oh my, that cake!
    i have no words.

  27. Those cookies are so wonderful! They make me giggle every time I look at them! And I love, love, love those heart mittens! Too cute!

    Little Lady Little City

  28. What a great list of stuff I really have to have the roller boots and hair dryer

    Nicolette xo

  29. I feel you 100% on trusting your gut and worrying about stuff even if it seems a bit crazy when it comes to a home or life in general. My husband and I had looked into renting a house over the river from where we live. We aren't really familiar with the area other than the downtown bar scene. We loved the home we toured it was AWESOME inside and other than the fact that it was a bit further from work it was perfect... until we talked with a friend's buddy who is a cop in the area and he basically said "If you were my daughter I would not let you live there." He went on to tell us that there was a drug recovery house in the area for women, and one for men two blocks over. Which made me worry the same as you. My biggest fear is not just that my home will get broken into and something valuable and irreplaceable will get taken but also that my pets might get out, get hurt or get lost. They are my babies.

    I feel you 100% and I can't wait to see how you decorate your new home!!! Congrats to you all! ox

  30. I love your Thursday posts, you always find such cool stuff! I might try to make those piranha plant classes, Mario is one of my boyfriend's favorite games.

    Oh by the way, I would be thrilled if you stopped by my blog and took a peek at my Friday Favorites post today!

    xo, Megan

  31. Thanks so much for the shout out!! I was like, "Hey! Where the heck is all this traffic coming from?" Then I found your post. :)


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