Resolutions + Goals

Thanks so much for all of your sweet words on my blog's redesign launch last night! I'm tickled pink that you like it (see what I did there?!) I thought I'd talk about some goals and fun resolutions today in order to keep the New Year momentum going!

I'm never really one to make "tangible" resolutions for the New Year. I use those mainly for my 23 before 24 lists and such. But still, I thought I'd really try and make this the most magical year by vowing to stick to some ideas! Below are a few things that I'm aspiring to accomplish...

Twenty Twelve // Resolutions + Goals

1. Be true to yourself. Always. // I'm choosing to showcase my life to the entire world... I want to make sure I'm accurately depicting myself. The good, bad + ugly. I started this blog as a way to meet new people + share my "journey". It doesn't do any good to try and play Keep Up with a hundred other bloggers when our stories aren't even remotely similar.

2. Take more candid photos. // It's been a while since I've taken a film camera out and just shot random photos for the sake of doing it. Mike + I used to do that daily when we lived in Spring Hill + Franklin. I'm determined to get back on that horse. I always have a disposable camera in my purse so here's to putting it to good use!

3. Budget... and more importantly, stick to it! // We're getting married in 9 months (!!!) and so much still needs to be done. Buy the dress, all the crafty DIY stuff, figure out rentals + catering, accessories + Mike's outfit, pay the remaining photography balance, and make reservations for our honeymoon. We've got a lot of work ahead of us!

4. Save for brick + mortar shoppe. // I thought Honeybean would help quell the desire to have a brick + mortar shoppe immediately, but all it really did was fuel the flame. I love Honeybean and I hope she's part of my business for many many years to come, but I also can't wait until I have an actual storefront. Measures are being taken and plans are being made. It's happening... it has to.

5. Expand Etsy + Honeybean. // Moving forward with our online (+ mobile) businesses will be a great way to help prepare us for the daily grind of working in the shoppe. This year I plan on taking Hive + Honey, as well as Honeybean, to the next level as far as blog sponsorships, giveaways, and promotions.

6. Think before you tweet. // I have a tendency to forget my filter when it comes to Twitter. No one cares about half of the stuff that gets posted, and a fraction of the other stuff is just rants + complaints anyway. I need to chill it with that. 

7. Make good decisions. // Vague much? This can be anything from "Don't buy those shoes", "Eat a carrot instead of a cookie" or "Go to bed earlier so you'll get up earlier"... A few bad decisions here or there definitely make for an exciting ride, but I need to keep myself in check to help ensure that I'm making the right decisions for me + my family.

8. Last but not least, Branch out! // I'm naturally shy (No one seems to believe that?!) and am pretty reserved with people. I open up a lot fairly quickly I suppose, but I'm still one that will avoid a party at all costs because I'm so socially awkward. I've met so many rad people via this little blog and hope to continue that into this new year. Hopefully I can break out of my shell a little bit... We'll see!

What are some of your new year's resolutions + goals?! I'd love to hear them! Link me over if you've made a post or feel free to share below!

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  1. 12 for 2012

    - Keep Tidy
    - Eat Healthy
    - Keep Walking
    - Work on debts
    - Be less candid
    - Take up Sewing
    - Love Yourself More
    - Be more understanding
    - Curb Alcohol Consumption
    - Re-Decorate the Apartment
    - Spend more time in the park
    - Make time for film, art and novels

  2. My main resolution is the same as your first! But not only on my blog - in my life as well, I feel like I'm not being myself to my fullest potential, so I'm letting myself be exactly me, wearing what I want, doing what I want, etc.!

    I also am keeping a drawing journal, and learning to stand up for myself and say no to people.

    Happy New Year, good luck with your goals! Im loving the new layout :)


  3. Wonderful goals! I definitely need to work on the last one too. I get so caught up in my fear of rejection that I stop trying to reach out to others. I hope to work on that for the new year! :-)

    (p.s. - I always love your blog designs, and this new one is no exception! So pretty!)


    there is my goal for the new year!

    the best way i have every found to budget/save is the ole dave ramsey financial peace book. we did that when we were saving for a house and it was kind of incredible how much money you can save,and how quickly. i bet they have his books at the library downtown. they are annoying to read but it is a budgeting idea that is really simple and works if you can both pledge to stick to it. actually, we should probably go back on the budget again....

  5. The blog looks lovely. And, love the resolutions. Can't wait to see more wedding goodness! And, I'm VERY excited for you and a brick and mortar shop. <3

  6. I made a brief list over on my blog - - mostly having to do with our big move next month to Santa Fe. :) I love your goals and think they're great for not only January but all year round. Rock on!

    Love the redesign also.

  7. I know exactly what you mean about being socially estranged. I've always felt more myself on the internet than in real life. Which is why one of my goals this year is to make more legitimate blog friends. For the longest time I was too shy to comment on blogs or respond to tweets and things, but that's no way to get to know people! I'm making an effort to get to know fellow bloggers in a genuine way.

    p.s. LOVE the new layout and the pink! You're so talented.

  8. I like your resolutions!
    Mine include bringing knitting or a book on my train to work, so that the commuting time isn't wasted, opening an etsy store, and saving up to have my teeth whitened! All very do-able I think :D

  9. I wish you all the best with your resolutions! Happy new year x

  10. these are great resolutions. Im trying not to make any but learn to live my life more and to love myself. Which in reality are things I will have to do forever not just this year. I have lots I want to accomplish this year but I have to learn to not put so much pressure on myself and being let down when I dont accomplish things.

  11. Good list, lovely!!! Some of mine include getting back into Wicca, remodeling our bedroom, losing weight (I have a mini goal of 150lbs and a dream goal of 125lbs) and so much more! I've already read one book this month, which is huge for me. :P

    I love goals and often stick with 'em and I also love lists, so... Yeah! I posted my 12 for 12 on the 1st!

  12. Awesome goals, good luck with them. Here's my post on my goals for 2012:

  13. Here's mine:

    also, totally agree about the budgeting thing--i'm terrible at it! I always say I'll try again next payday and come next payday, same thing.

    and as for #1, that's on my list as well. It's so easy to get sucked into being who you think the world wants you to be. I just want to be me. Screw the world.

    And twitter... oh gosh, twitter is my venting ground and I'm trying to watch that as well. more positive, less negative! :)
    Happy 2012, lady!

  14. Great goals! (:

    I want to start running & working out so that I can perform on stage better. Doing more DIYs [and making time for them] and trying to be less shy socially are two more!


  15. love the new blog makeover. good luck in the new year! these are some very exciting goals. ;)

    my 2012 resolutions:

    xx kelly christine

  16. 'Take more candid photos' is definitely one of my resolutions. This is going to sound so strange considering I have a blog, but I'm terribly camera shy. Unless it's me + tripod, I get so fidgety and awkward.

    I love your list and I really believe that this will be the year of the Honeybean! xo

  17. This is a great list! I am having difficulty setting a list of goals for myself.... I know that health and finances is important to me this year, but I need to make actual goals!

  18. I haven't really thought about it... right of the bat i would say that i want to make a change this year...
    - I want to stop making excuses not to follow my dreams, and really take a shot at making them happen... I just don't know how to do so yet.
    - I want to make myself get out of the house more, and study harder, cause i really have to think about my future and to make sure i have something to rely on if i were to fail at my dreams, and because i'm always at home!
    - I want to star to paint again, because, even though i'm not so good, i really like it and it gives me peace. I also want to improve my drawing skills...
    - Practice more guitar.
    - Clean my wardrobe and buy fewer but good quality items that really define me.
    - Improve my sewing and knitting skills so that i can make accessories and, who knows, clothes on my own.
    - Make it into the collage i want.
    - Exercise more. I would like to lose weight, but i don't want to make it a resolution.
    - get a part-time job, to earn a buck xD
    - finish my writing projects.
    - ask a friend to teach me photography.
    - and fall in love (i know, cliché xD)

    I could easily say more, but i don't want to bore y'all (i've already said a lot!!!) xD
    I do say one thing, i would like to visit england and the states, but i can't really afford it, so i'll make it a resolution for 2013 and 2014 :)

    Xoxo Eve

  19. You've got some great resolutions to aspire to. I've posted a few of my goals for this year over at my blog, but there are many more on the list! xx Fran

  20. I totally and completely love what you've done with your blog! I loled at the "big hair, ugly shoes, and tattoos" part on the banner.

    I also love your list of resolutions! Usually I pick the lamest resolutions and never stick to them, but I really like your thinking on your list, so perhaps I'll make one as well! :)

  21. I only have one big one for myself, which is to move to another city. I've been wanting to move to Chicago for about a year because I'd like to perform with some of theatres there before heading to New York City. So my job now is to save my money!

  22. Hi Kaelahbee.
    It's amazing how many bloggers are actually quite shy people. I guess people assume if you are willing to put photos of yourself on the web, they assume your incredibly outgoing. I still find taking outfit photos awkward :/
    My resolutions:
    - use my camera more/take more photography
    - spend more time reading books at beach/cafes
    - ride bike more
    - be more timely with blog posts
    - be more creative with outfit photos

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  23. Love you're resolutions! They definitely seem achievable, which is an important part to me. I shortened my goals into a list of five rather vague topics, but I think I'm capable of all of them. Be crafty, be creative, be healthy, be adventurous, be kind.

  24. These are really good goals. I'm always surprised to read that some bloggers are shy- I can't tell you how much I admire your confidence in style and opinion!) I have a hard time working towards goals that aren't spelled out on a checklist but a lot of my 'to-dos' this year involve going out solo and building confidence when I'm alone.

    (Love your new design and can't wait to see how your wedding plans come together!)

  25. Kaelah, I am so inspired by your blog! You are truly beautiful and I love every single thing you post. I actually took que from your new look and got inspiration from it to change up my own blog for the new year! It's very different from what it has been. I would love it if you checked it out and left a comment telling me what you think? (Not on my newest post please, that's a giveaway) The only reason I'm not following you right now is because my account isn't working right. Thank you for inspiring me so much! I love you <3

    -Abbigayle Rashae

  26. I'm with you on the social awkwardness. People think I'm a snob,but I'm really not. I'm just really awkward and shy,haha. On the internet,however,it's a different story. A couple of goals I have for this year are to travel more and to get financially stable,somewhat.

  27. Omg! I love the new blog design. Good luck with your goals! I have quite a few this year! Here's my goal link:

  28. All of those sound like wonderful goals. I definitely need to branch out more as well. I think I will add that to my list of goals for the year.

    I made a post yesterday about my goals and plans for the upcoming year:

  29. All of your goal are wonderful and I hope you achieve them all!

    I posted about my goals if you'd like to see :D

    Marja <3

  30. I'll just link you to my resolutions!

    I love yours! I do have a goal of buying your ebook eventually this year! Hopefully money will quit being so tight so I can do that sooner than later :]

  31. I hadn't ever heard of the whole 23 before 24 thang but it is my new favourite thing! I just made my 26 before 27 list, and apart from it depressing me due to the fact that I am getting so dang old, it was super fun and useful!


  32. I am so glad, that I am not the only person that feels fake when she blogs. It just feels like now, we try and keep up pretences when we write, and that is NOT why I started this, and I will not continue it into the new year. As for your twitter, tho, I adore your ranting, so Keep it up. Thats what its for anyway >.<

    Great job with the blog, I hope your goals/Resolutions pan out.

  33. I just want to stick to being/eating healthy and keep working out. it's not just a resolution for 2012 but for my life! and be nicer to people. be nice in general, I think a little positivity goes a long way in daily life!

    happy new year from germany :)
    Paula from

  34. hi! it's my first time seeing your blog! i love the layout! <3 you have very nice new year resolutions! i hope in the coming years, i can have priorities like yours as well! (like owning a shop or something haha) :) as for this year, my new year resolution is to make a blog! i just started on the first day of 2012!

    it's nice seeing your blog! i'll keep in touch with you! ;)

  35. I'm stoked to hear more from the 'real' Kaelah. :)

    My resolution this year is to reign everything in and be more responsible. It's kind of vague but there ya go.

  36. Awww, I love your new blog design so much!
    Fantastic goals, I hope we get to see some of the candid shots :]I posted about my fashion-related resolutions earlier, if you want to you can see it here:

  37. I am extremely shy as well, I am working on changing that :)

  38. I love #8... I really need to work on that too! I don't people understand how hard it is to get over being shy, which for me leads to being socially awkward when I try.

    p.s. I love love love the new layout!!! :)

  39. Your goals are great. I especially love 1 and 8 (I can be socially awkward as well.. :p) One big goal for this year is: I want to fold a 1000 paper cranes and give them away to random strangers in the hope it will give some spark to their day!

    If you have the time, I listed my goals here:




    Taking more candid shots is a great one too, man.


  41. good goals! and I totally can't picture you being shy! <3

    yay for finding a photog for the wedding!

  42. I want to be more emotionally open with the people I love and more open with strangers. It's hard to make connections in the world... and even harder to keep connections when you're closed off.

    Be better in conversation and asking questions that aren't yes/no-- terrible habit!

    Go to the gym atleast 3 times a week.

  43. These are awesome goals, girl! I posted mine over here. I love that you want to show all sides of you in your blog -- I do, too.


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