Battling Blogger's Block

So I sat here for a little while staring at my computer and my blog book thinking "What am I going to possibly write about today? What on Earth could I say?" because truth be known: I don't have anything to say really. Nothing profound or exciting, nothing that seems interesting. Then I realized that we all face this... what to post and what not to post for fear that our words would fall upon deaf ears. "What if they don't get it the way I intended it?" I think these fears permeate the very core of every blogger at some point or another. Today's issue just seems to be that I don't know what to talk about. So here I am, rambling about not knowing what to say. Blogging about blogger's block! Ironic, much?

Last night's speech by President Obama was profound. I hope that all of the families affected by 9/11 can find some closure. Many thanks all around to our troops who are doing spectacular work! They get stuff done! Would you laugh at me if I told you that I spent most of the morning reblogging pictures of Obama riding a unicorn with rainbows shooting from his palms? It's true. I did.

To try and combat the blogger's block today I opted to work on some fascinators for the shop update later this week. I went out and bought some gorgeous lace this weekend and so I used a champagne lace for this one. No tulle underlining but just simply lace. I like it. It's very dainty and sweet (in my opinion). I also have white, antique white, brown and black to play with!

Anyway- back to my original point: I have a whole list of To-Do's and potential blog topics to write about in my little book (it's color coded, by the way! Organization FTW!), but I just can't seem to find something that fits into my schedule today or they simply just don't sound good enough right now. I have several DIYs to do, organizing through the house, and company to get ready for... do you ever feel like blogging has to take a backseat? (It definitely should, of course! Life is much more important!) But my point is to ask you this question: How do you combat blogger's block?

Any fool proof tricks and tips you've picked up along your way? I've asked you all what you wanted to see on the 'bee, and I loved your responses! All of them are on my list, but if you didn't get a chance to chime in before, What would you like to see on the 'bee?

I could really use your tips today! ;)


  1. I'm combating the EXACT same thing right now! It's really frustrating wanting to blog and just sitting there with a new draft open and having nothing to say.
    Today, on my blog I couldn't think of what to blog about so I actually did a voice recording and just talked. I'm not so good with vlogging so just recoding my voice was awesome and inspiring and freeing. Maybe you could try that?
    I'm also trying to figure out something I could do that would be a month long blog feature type thing, or a weekly thing. Not sure.

    It's hard, wish I had some more ideas for you but I'll be sure to stop back here to read comments from others! :)

  2. Sometimes we have nothing to talk about, and it's okay. Sometimes it's okay to just be quiet (not saying you should) just overall.... that's OKAY to not have anything to talk about!!! :)

    Living in this fast paced technology saturated world has us all zooming with a million ideas a minute! :) We speak our minds 100+ times a day on Twitter, we blog almost everyday... running out of things to say seems inevitable!!

    So, I think it's totally normal!

  3. when Im not sure what to blog about i try and think about what I would like to hear about on that day. what would make me smile to read on that day and try to head that route.

    lovelovelove that lace hair piece. I'm looking for something unique for my wedding in sept!

  4. I haven't written many blog posts, but I have the same problem with writing in general.

    Usually I just think about something small that I saw, something that caught my attention, and write about why it interests me. This one time I had an assignment due for my poetry class and I had no idea what to write about. Then in my Latin class I wasn't paying attention until I heard the word "licet" which sounds like lick it. So I wrote a poem about all the different senses with licking.

    Another way is to free write. One free write that I really liked was to write about a favorite pair of shoes, and I think that would end up being a really good topic for you since you have a lifestyle/fashion blog. I ended up writing about not my own shoes, but my mothers.

    Hope this helps :)

  5. i'm new to blogging but girrrrl i have this problem in all aspects of my life.

    frankly at this point i've decided to set up a schedule for certain days so that i force myself to save my ideas, and simultaneously force myself to work into a category.

    i take pictures of things throughout the day on my phone and then go back at the end and look through them. whether it's things i wanna try and make myself or outfits or books i thought were pretty, they always inspire me. hur dur C:

  6. I've got nothing. I've had the block for a few months. I started school and now all I do is school work and sleep. It's insane!

  7. That fascinator is SUPER cute!

    I wish I hd a good suggestion for you on bloggers-block, but I'm afraid I have a wicked case of it myself!

  8. This totally happens to me from time to time. I'll do one of two things:
    1. Surround myself with inspiration - look through photos on Flickr, read some of my favorite blogs, watch a really fun, inspiring movie.
    2. Take a break. Do something completely non-related to blogging. Try something new or go someplace that you haven't been to before. Sometimes taking a break from your everyday life/schedule is all you need for a little boost of bloggy goodness. :]

    I hope this helps a little. <3 you dear! xo.

  9. the easiest thing you could do is to just share something random.
    grab your camera and start looking. you'll feel you're slowly having more fun than you expected snapping away at little things around you. it can be sunshine sipping through the window, a bit of wildlife outside, maybe a nook in your house that you've always felt comfortable being in or your toothbrush.
    whatever you do, don't look at the screen and hope an idea will come flying in. more often than not, we're not that lucky..
    throw in a song that you're currently crushing on while you're at it.
    whatever it is, you're sharing a moment in your life and it's an absolute darling to read when coming from you. remember that the little things make all the difference, so the hell with going big!

    since i'm throwing this off the top of my head,i should say hi too.
    so.. hi! hello!


  10. sometimes i make quirky lists. lists are always easy...i.e. what i'm doin'...what i'm thinkin'...what i'm dreamin' about...that sort of thing may be a little elementary, as far as blogging goes, but always gets me out of the funk:)...

    i don't know what to say as far what i'd like to see...your pretty awesome already;)...maybe a blogging like a switch-r-oo with another blogger for the day...or maybe a new feature??...I don't know. Like i said, it's hard to think of anything...i already admire your content, voice, and style:)


  11. I feel lucky that so far I've not had bloggers block. Though I have only really been blogging for a couple of months, so I guess my time is yet to come. I have so much I want to blog about, even to the extent that I have to do scheduled posts as I'm sure people will get fed up if I post too often in one day.I've also started doing a few weekly posts to make my blog slightly more structured to prevent myself from getting carried away. Sounds odd, huh?
    I guess I just blog about what I enjoy. If no-one reads is or finds it interesting, at least I did. And I guess I started blogging for me anyway, to get my words out on paper, so to speak, so if I enjoy it then thats all that really counts.
    I can enjoy filling up my little piece of the internet.
    I hope you get over your bloggers block, as I always look forward to what you write.
    Love Katie

  12. since my blog is a lot of food posts: recipes, step by steps, pictures, reviews... i love when i see some on others blogs! i've never been to tennessee so it would be fun to see a few entries of eateries around there...and wherever!

  13. when that usually happens, i just do a photo post. good luck finding your muse :)

  14. I struggle from blogger's block more often than not. I guess I am just concerned about sticking to the true nature of my blog... in which, I don't really have an all-around theme. It's just a general personal blog. That might make it harder, I guess... especially if you don't do much during the day.

  15. I've been so busy with real life and huge projects that I haven't had the time to blog in a timely matter. So I'm totally lacking in blog post ideas! Hopefully I can make up for it this week, and get back into the blogging habit. Inspiration is mostly perspiration, right?

  16. with technology at our fingertips and updating statuses every day,i know how frustrating writing can be. have you ever thought about checking out some cool restaurants and recommending for people who visit Tennessee or doing some fun cupcake recipes or something? Hope I helped.

  17. I have a major case of blogger's block right now too! I keep wondering how many times can I just babble on about the weather before everyone stops reading my blog.. I just can't think of anything remotely interesting to talk about! :p

    The only thing that really helps me get 7 posts up a week is a schedule, but even then I have trouble finding things that fit into the organized little cubby holes I've made for my blog. When I'm totally dry sometimes I'll partake in a meme.. I'm thinking of doing that handwriting one now.

    Personally on your blog I'd love to see more of your craftiness, those fascinators are so amazingly cute! :) And I love that you have a blog ideas book!! That's such a great idea!

  18. I am having that problem too. I just started my blog and now that it is semi decent looking, I have no clue what to write about haha. I will think of random things throughout the day and then think no people don't want to read about that. So much for trying to write every day lol.

  19. I love my city so I have a feature on my blog titled 'A View of The City' where I post everyday pictures of things that I like. When I come down with bloggers block I just post a photo that I've taken, sort of a filler until the next time I have to blog.

  20. I really like to go outside and clear my head. Breathe some fresh air and maybe take a walk or ride my bike.

    Or I do like you do and craft something (currently crochetting a bowtie).

    I had a lovely time chatting with you the other day! You're just the sweetest girl.

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