December Sponsor Intros!


Hello Honeybee readers! I'm Steph from Influence and I’m currently a student studying Journalism and English at Univeristy in Scotland. I started blogging initially as a way to share some excerpts of my written work however, the more I blogged the more I enjoyed it and wanted to include more than just my articles. My blog has become a great source of inspiration for me; it’s where I collect my thoughts and share things that I love or things that have inspired me that week. It’s full of DIY projects, cute photos, outfit posts, photography, art etc. I like to keep it up beat and fun as that’s what blogging is all about and I hope you’ll stop by and say hello. Love, Steph 



Hey everyone, its April from Laughingdogphoto. First, a big thanks to Kaelah for allowing me to tell you all about myself!

I'm a Huntington Beach, CA transplant from Phoenix, AZ. I love photography, good wine, better friends, and my husband and fur kids. I'm currently pursuing an Associates degree in Photography, and I love to share what I see through my lens with the world. I like to photograph landscapes as well as flowers, birds, and most of all, old neon signs, specifically motel signs. I fondly remember my childhood and I try to bring the feeling of reminiscing about the past through my photographs.  Art is a very personal thing and I can't think of anything more flattering than knowing someone wants one of my photographs to adorn their own walls. 

Thanks again Kaelah, and I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!



Hi there! I'm Susannah, I'm 24 and I love knitting and crocheting, finding pretty vintage treasures, and sushi dates with my boyfriend. I have a blog called susannahbean [life + crafts] where I talk about my life, show off my budget friendly outfits, and share my love of crafting! I have a kittyfriend named Mr. Littlejeans who makes regular appearances too, and he's pretty dang adorable! I have an Etsy shop where I sell cute hand knit and crocheted accessories for you and your home. I started my shop because I spend hours and hours every day knitting or crocheting, and there's only so many hats and mittens and scarves one person needs, so I figured maybe someone else might want to bring some cuteness into their life! I'd love to meet you, so drop by and say hello! xoxo



Hello! I'm Kelsey from Artichoke Designs. I'm super excited to be sponsoring Kaelah and I can't wait to meet her awesome readers! You'll find a mixture of art, jewelry, paper goods, and some cute magnets in my Etsy shop. I recently started a blog where I write about crafting, pretty things I've found, and a bit of my personal life."



Hi, I'm Kam aka Campfire Chic. I'm 24 and living in Southern California with my boyfriend of four years and some of our furry friends. I'm in love with being outdoors and enjoy hiking, camping, and reading. I run Campfire Chic-both the Etsy Shop and the blog-where I share my story of being a crafty camper, my love for buying and selling handmade, and things from my everyday life. I'm forward to meeting you.



Hello, lovelies! I'm Ashley, a nineteen year old marketing student living in Nashville, Tennessee. I spend most of my time studying, watching SNL reruns, and online window shopping. I'm currently teaching myself how to knit and sew, so be on the lookout for an Etsy shop soon! ;) Until then, be sure to stop over at revealing too much to read my ramblings and take a look at my (way too many) wishlists!



Flapper Doodles are fun drawings of 1920's flappers Eloise and Ramona, drawn by Kate Gabrielle. Eloise & Ramona are featured on art prints, paper goods and tons of fun goodies! Pendant sets, tote bags, calendars, holiday cards and more!



Hello! I'm Kristina, an Interior Design student, proud vegetarian, and vintage enthusiast! I own a brand new vintage shop called Standardisms, where I sell the prettiest vintage housewares and women's clothes you could ever find! I try my hardest to advocate for the animals, as I know many of you do too, so I've decided to donate one dollar for every order to Mercy for Animals! Check out their website, via my blog, where I also share design inspiration and tips, and pretty nothings daily, along with updates about my transition to The Biggest Little City, Reno, to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco! I'm just getting started and am overwhelmed with the positive feedback I've been getting.. thanks for your support, little chief honeybee readers, and if you haven't yet, please stop by to say hello! Twitter too! <3


  1. i'll have to check out that drew barrymore movie---love her!

  2. Oh, I remember going through your profile. You take lovely pics! :)


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