Cat House on the Kings

It's stuff like this that really warms my heart. An anon left the link in my FormSpring a few days ago and I was just taken by this woman's huge heart. What a dream it would be to give this many animals a full and happy life! I love it! So so so very inspiring!


  1. Thank you for sharing this on your blog and thank you to the anonymous person who sent you the link! It literally brings tears to my eyes when I hear of such selfless people like her that dedicate their lives to these animals.

    There is a lady here in the state of Washington named Eleni Naslund ( that does something like this with mainly shih tzus and lhasa apsos and I've never seen anyone so dedicated to these dogs, often times having to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to pay for surgical procedures to give these dogs a better chance at life.

    I can only hope to have a fraction of their character and devotion.

  2. THANK YOU Kaelah! I volunteer with a feral cat rescue program and just shared this link with my volunteer friends and fellow mad cat women. What an awesome lady!

  3. Thank you all for spreading the word about our unique sanctuary. We would love to have you visit sometime, as we have grown considerably since our video was made almost 3 years ago. We now have 12 cat-fenced acres, a 3 bedroom residence for senior cats and our population is approaching 1,000 animals.
    Please keep our video circulating, as we depend on the generosity of others to keep these beautiful, innocent animals well fed.

  4. This is the ultimate in crazy cat ladies and I love her. This is the greatest little Christmas miracle I've seen!


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