tuesdays are my long day on campus. i start it off with Dr. Hillard's "Holistic Wellness" class which I think i'm really going to enjoy. so many familiar faces in there including Ashleigh, Cara, Alex, Elle, Madison, Nicole, Jaana and Rachel. I think it'll be a fun class. It's all about spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing and manifesting the most positive spirit you can achieve, etc. I think it's exactly exactly exactly what I need right now.

After that class I ventured home for some lunch and errands and went back to campus at 1pm for Web Design 2/Information Architecture. We just had a big discussion day and it was pretty cool. I know that class is going to be so time consuming but my semester long CMS project will be an interactive vegan cookbook website with RSS feeds of vegan blogs, plus vegan restaurant menus and you'll be able to include what ingredients you ahve in your pantry and it will cycle through all the possible vegan recipes and dishes that you can make with what you have. amazing! my professor is very excited about it because he's also vegan. I really really want to get this site up and going, like legitimately finish it this semester. I know it will be dang near impossible but I really want to make it work. He really wants me to finish it too because the possibilities for my portfolio are astounding and the fact that theres nothing like that for vegans right now. It could really pick up. anywhoo, after that I joined everyone for quite possibly the largest class at O'More right now.. theres a whopping 22 of us in there. Its the combined classes of Advertising 1 and 2. The instructor seems really awesome and I'm excited for it, but everyone has warned me how intense and scary that class is because you present to actual clients like Nissan and the Nashville Predators hockey team. I'll be sure to pee my pants or cry at least once in the semester, i'm sure.

class let out early and a few people gathered at my house to come see Georgia. Bryan had moved in by then so he met Caitlin, Merissa, and Kayla. I received 3 packages from Urban Outfitters on the same day. huzzah! Everyone at the house just kicked it for a while and Bry and I ended up running out for some beer. We were keeping it classy with our 40s. We gathered quite a little party for a bit and Elle came over, followed by CJ and his friend Anna. It was just a really really legit time. CJ and Elle left before too too long, then the rest of us played beer pong, uno, apples to apples and other games that I can't even begin to recall. I'm not sure how i got to bed but I know i made it there around 4am and woke up at 10 feeling better than ever. Then I opened my bedroom door to the kitchen and saw the mess of beer bottles and cups and food and liquor bottles. oh my.

just a little showcase at what is sure to be an interesting next 17 months at Madame B's house. :) at least today I have zero classes. I'll be driving down to the alabama state line to meet Brian for a picnic and fun times. then I have to come home and do quite a bit of homework. awesome!


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