i've recently experienced three of the MOST amazing nights of my life consecutively and followed by a 4th that was sure to derail the entire thing.

i spent saturday - monday nights in hohenwald, back home. sunday and monday night were spent hanging with Bryan, driving endless backroads, lying on the hood of the car in a churt pit looking at the stars, experiencing the most amazing shooting stars and wondering if anyone anywhere in the world just witnessed it with us, and conversations that are sure to astound. i returned to franklin on tuesday and my lovely friend Elle and i had lunch at panera, followed by The Ugly Truth and vegan pizza, junkfood and wayyyy too much to be had in 12 hours. My roommates jared and morgan joined us at one point and Bryan even drove up from Hohenwald to partake! gosh it was a grand time. we finished it off by watching Shark Week: The Great Bites Collection on DVD. uh-may-zing!

today Bryan and I ventured to Opry Mills for a little shoppy-shoppy, some lunch and then i went to Cool Springs [hey! a girl needs a release, okay!]. During the trip, Adam informed me that he will be packing up and trekking 1,600 west next Sunday to live in Las Vegas with more of his family [his mother, his aunt, etc]. i got upset and angry and hurt, but he came over this evening and we had such a nice heart to heart. I can honestly say that it is hands down the most intelligent decision he's made in the past year. His friend Mike [the guy from the previous photos] will be accompanying him. I wish them nothing less than absolute thrill, luck, good fortune and fun times. it will be an adventure for them. other things will unfold and i'll be sure to update about them. but until then, keep them in your prayers for safe travels. regardless of the past or future, Adam is my best friend. he's coming back around. finally.

on another note, school starts tomorrow. oh joy! back to the daily grind at O'More College of Design. tomorrow I only have Web Design 2 at 1pm so it should be breezy. I'm cursed with a friday morning class at 8:30am with Brucey. Art History. shoot. me. now. plz.

again, ill update more things later but thats the ~brief one. i'm going to bed with a migraine. i hope my tuition stuff gets taken care of tomorrow. tomorrow evening will be [or is planned to be, at least] spent with Tony. fun fun. :) happy thursday!

i know i'm not the only one who uses photobooth to do their makeup. but hahaha @ me accidently taking a picture. this is me looking awkward. awesome!

a slightly more ~"on purpose" one...

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