yesterday i had my first class of the semester. it was Web Design 2, or better known now as Information Architecture or something to that degree. basically building Content Management Systems (CMS) for websites that have hundreds or thousands of pages (think Yahoo!,, Microsoft, Apple, etc.)... Man oh man! This semester will be... interesting.

After class I ventured to Adam's apartment and got familiar with his snake Zero, which will move to our household next weekend as he departs for Vegas. We loaded up and headed to Brentwood to recover his ring I gave to him for our 2 year anniversary. We'll have to go back again today to get it. It's a beautiful ring, though. And I still have mine from our 1 year anniversary. It's very special to me. :) Anywhoo, after that I took him home (rather, I should say he drove us home, as he drove my car and I just rode shotgun haha) and went to my house. I had a bunch of things I needed to do but for the life of me I cannot recall them. By the end of the evening Adam came back over and I zipped around on his scooter (another thing I'm trying to familiarize myself with, seeing as it, too, will be left in my possession) and we rode all around the neighborhood. Then we laid on the couch with a few beers (cream soda, in my case) and watched "Stranger Than Fiction" with Will Ferrell. We called it an early night seeing as I had Art History bright and early this morning at 8:30am.

Ahhh, Art History! Even better, Art History with Brucey. He's a brilliant man, wonderful teacher, but good lord I get sidetracked/bored/ADD. Luckily I'm with Alex, Rachel, Kayla and Amanda in that class so they're familiar faces. It's funny how 75% of the backrow is just lit up Apple icons on our Macs. Yeah, we're the ~tech/nerdy ones of the bunch. (But oh the eye candy in my class! I'll save that for another time.) Also a good thing is the class lets out by 10:10... but still, I'm up by 7:30am at the latest, I work on Friday nights and I don't get home til at least 3am. But I shouldn't complain, at least I'm fortunate enough to have a job. Yucky economy.

Right now my parents are mowing my lawn. It's gotten a little unruly in 5 or 6 weeks. They drove all the way up from Hohenwald (almost an hour and a half away) to do this. I'm so grateful for how kind and selfless they are. I hope they accept my offer for lunch (though I doubt they will. we may go to lunch but I doubt they'd let me pay.) I just want them to know their kindness hasn't gone unnoticed. I also need to go grocery shopping, which Adam had expressed desire to tag along so we'll probably jet up to Brentwood and then take care of that.

I wonder how come the days I manage to get over to Panera, its always the day of Garden Vegetable soup instead of Black Bean. bah humbug! It's good, don't get me wrong... but I could live on Black Bean soup haha It's made the vegan transition much much easier.

Anywhoo, this is becoming so long-winded! I'll end this here <3


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