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it's absolutely amazing what a little trip to your neighborhood bookstore can do for your drive and creativity. granted, starbucks doesn't top my list of coffeeshops being as it's a giant chain and all, but even so, i'm sitting in barnes & noble's starbee's and i'm accomplishing so much. my typical routine is to venture to Panera Bread, find a cozy little nook in the back, hook my Pro up and get down to business. I guess it has something to do with the constant little distractions that make you feel like you're still in the real world (as opposed to a sterile, insanely, scary quiet place) but those little distractions don't come up and pester you. My main problem with working at home is that I become obsessed with tidying up, or cooking dinner, or taking my beloved Georgia out for a walk... I never accomplish ANYTHING. But I digress....

I had Flash class today and luckily we let out early. I had noticed a yucky bubble in Georgia's eye last night so I picked her up and we went to the vet's office at Banfield in Brentwood. Come to find out its "cherry eye" and Bulldogs are very prone to it. It doesn't seem to be causing her great discomfort or anything but being the overprotective "parent" I am, I took no chances. We scheduled her surgery for next month and went ahead with some more vaccinations. I'll take her back in 2 weeks for another round, then 2 weeks after that she'll have her eye surgery and possibly be spayed. The unfortunate side of this is the bill that comes attached to it. But that is life, I suppose. As long as she's healthy I'll be thankful. She came home from the vet's happy as can be and she proceeded to literally run tracks in the backyard as she played very very energetically. After about 20 minutes of solid sprinting, etc, she was ready for a nap.

Adam met me at the vet's to check on Georgia then we went back to the house. We scooted around on the scooter for a bit, exploring roads around my neighborhood and seeing where things lead. It was nice to become more familiar with the area, as well as practice my awesome ~scooting abilities seeing as it will be in my possession in 9 days. After that I made a yummy vegan dinner. And by vegan I just mean I grilled some mean vegetables and steamed the best broccoli ever. (I'll be sure to attach the picture at the bottom).

A little bit ago Bryan accompanied me to Border's to sit in the art section and drool over graphic design books. I only ended up purchasing one, but a very, very beneficial one. I bought The Designer's Guide to Business and Careers: How to succeed on the job or on your own by Peg Faimon. It should be a good, informative read. I took a quick snapshot of about 10+ other books I'll be looking up on Amazon and adding to my wishlist. The amount of $ I could spend on graphic design books is insane. I just feel so inspired when I look at them. It's much needed now as the new semester begins.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Bryan and I are now at Barnes & Noble and he treated me to a venti iced coffee with soy (Yay!) for taking care of his oh-so-sick self last night. Now I'm just perusing the internets, reading articles for Advertising and Web Design 2 tomorrow, and blogging, obviously.

I apologize for not having the giveaway put up yet but I assure you it will come this week! Our router for the internet at home is messed up so we can't get internet, not to mention the internet at school was also down today! Double bummer! Hence my leechin' at B&N and I can only stay here for another 45 minutes before they kick me out. Girls got things to do, y'all!

Anyway... a few pictures for some added interest to this post of borrrrringgggg.

I apologize for the horrible quality photos from my iPhone and Sidekick. But isn't my baby cute? Okay Okay... onward ye!

To all the graphic design nerds, or just nerds in general, what are some of your favorite online resources for design? Anything that inspires you? Share! I'm going to do a post full of my favorite links (websites, flickrs, tumblrs, etc) because I always love sharing inspirational things. They don't even have to be specifically design related. Even if they're Christian based blogs or quote sites, you get the idea.

I hope you're all having a lovely Monday!


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