wednesday becomes thursday.

well after our much needed little shin-dig on tuesday night, wednesday was more of a ~chill day. i was supposed to venture to the state line to enjoy a picnic with my lovely friend Brian but homework just got in the way. i had many errands to run and then Bry and i grabbed lunch at Blue Coast Burrito. by the time i got back home to dye my hair (bright red again!) & begin my homework, it was already 3 or 4pm. hours and hours of prototype sketching, survey making and survey issuing, and reading and answering quizzes for this class. it's going to be a lot of grunt work. good thing i have NO classes on wednesday so I can devote a lot of it to doing Information Architecture homework. i ended the evening by videochatting with Chris, running to walmart with Bry and then we sat outside and listened to the storm and attempted to watch twilight. this is my 2nd attempt to watch it and i've fallen asleep both times. i'm sorry, i just do NOT get the appeal. yuck. i need to go buy that ridiculous $98 art history book today. not going to be happy about that one. because apparently i have to read something and take a test over it friday, i dont know. confusing confusing.

i really hope the bar picks up business this weekend. if it doesnt, i'm in trouble. big time. man oh man. but ill try to end this on a fairly positive note... today we're going over to adam's to acquire his living room furniture as he's moving the day after tomorrow. we've had a bumpy past 2 days or so but hopefully it'll end on a high as well.

happy thursday!

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