change of plans.

So Angela called me at 2:55pm, as i was walking out the door to head to work and said "wanna come in at 9 instead?" as i normally do.. HECK YES was my answer. everyone knows i hate 4pm til 2am days at the bar. no one comes in, no one tips, etc etc. plus i have so much homework to do. anyway, i'm at coffee beanery right now. sippin' on an iced coffee with soy and desperately trying to figure out how to animate in Flash... my project is due Monday. ew. I made the cutest little japanese-kawaii inspired pandas and a cute little backdrop. i just... don't know how to animate. COOL!

This is what confusion looks like.

Wish me luck. if you know of any sweet Flash tutorial sites or something, hook a sister up. Back to the grind, y'all!


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