the most fun.

yesterday was hands down one of the best days ever. it was so much needed. i may or may not have accidentally slept straight through art history yesterday morning. the rain made it impossible to pull myself from my bed. sorry brucey! adam came over for a bit and shot a few photographs of me as i tried to pick out a cute outfit for the evening. he did some photos for 1Aeon, too. ill post those later. he left a about 3:30 and then Brian from birmingham got into town. we hung around, ran some errands and just chilled until people started showing up about 8pm. i had a couple double/triple new old ladies, a few Red Stripes and ended the night with lemondrop+oj shots while playing quarters. so many people showed up and so many new friends were made. the ones who live in our household always seem to be the ones to enjoy themselves the most. either way, there was flip cup and beer pong and quarters and a keg of miller light (yuck!). sooooo many people. we got zero out of his terrarium (my snake) and everyone loved him. jared's friend finally left and it was just me, brian, bryan, tony, elle, regina, and ben hanging around. we had a lovely time. so much fun dancing and drunk facebooking. i really do love my friends.

if you were at my house last night, thank you. and i love you. :) thank you for making it worth taking off an entire night of work. i'd do it 10x over.

today i have to get ready and leave for work in the next hour. gotta be there at 4. working 4pm til 2am because angie is in a wedding. hopefully i can get some flash animation homework done while i'm at the bar. ridiculous... a bartender sitting in her bar with flash books and her macbook pro haha. ~nerdy.

here are some photos adam took yesterday. you can see the rest at my Flickr.

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