georgianna sue!

this is my new babygirl, georgianna sue! "georgie" for short!

she's so lovable and kissable and adorable! she was a very
expensive and very amazing gift from a good friend of mine, Joe.
he's awesome and i'm enamored with this dog. now i've just
gotta teach her not to whine when she's in her crate &
gotta housetrain her [she peed on her puppy pads twice
already! amazing!] she's all sorts of lazy and sweet and kissy.
i hope my roommates don't mind! i kind of just...
brought her home! haha



  1. you going to give her away like you gave away your other english bulldog when its time to move?

  2. maybe you're unaware of the entire situation that happened with Puddin', but i, unfortunately, had two very horrible roommates who would not allow me to have her in my house. seeing as i needed a place to live (and couldn't keep her if i didnt have a place), i had to let her go. but she's with such an amazing family and i still check up on her. i keep pictures of her everywhere and for you to instigate that i just abandoned her is quite immature and rude. i loved that dog dearly, and i made sure she went to a more than suitable family. i didn't just "give her away". please check your facts before you try to be tough with your anonymity.


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