tattoo inspiration.

here is a small collection of tattoos that i find inspiring in some way. :)

I apologize that i'm unaware of who created these wonderful pieces of art. If you know who the artist is or who the lovely pieces belong to, shoot me a comment or an email at and i'll be happy to display credit! as you can tell by all but the first, i'm a little obsessed with sharks [as you know] and sleeves. best of both worlds in these 3 amazing pieces!

feel free to show me some of your favorite tattoos!



  1. that octopus is absolutely amazing.
    im obsessed with them<3

  2. The shark ones are amazing.
    I believe you and I had a brief conversation about an intense and insatiable love for sharks.
    I fully intend to get a shark tattoo very soon.

  3. oh yes! i want a huge shark sidepiece more than you know!


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