those people.

we've all got "those people"... right? those people that always try to nudge their way into our lives. those people who always try to get a piece of what you've got. i'm not sure how they'll learn their lesson, but my hope is simply that they do. i hope that they learn they will never be the original. and that passive aggression never leads to a peace treaty, much less a true friendship. and i hope that they learn how it feels, and have it done back to them, even if only for the sake of "the lesson"...

guess i'll just keep hoping.

happy saturday, y'all. i'll have a much more exciting post soon, i promise! off to work i go.



  1. Passive aggressiveness is the worst. It's extremely annoying.

    In other news, I hope you have a great night :).

  2. I totally agree! Sorry for replying 2 days late but I hope your week has started off well! <3


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