rules to live by

rules to live by... i'm not sure where i stumbled across these, but they were on my computer and i just found them and voila. here they are now. i think they're... interesting. at least something to give a thought.

1) don’t always smile.
2) retain your sense of irony.
3) it is alright to be a hypocrite.
4) accept the kind of person that you are, because it isn’t going to change.
5) pacing is important.
6) keep your secrets, and your promises.
7) everything is relative. everything.
8) get your good feelings where you can.
9) document your life. it will be interesting later.
10) don’t say unnecessary things.
11) it takes a good deal of courage just to live each day. don’t feel bad if you have a hard time doing much more than that .
12) anything can be turned into a metaphor.
13) don’t be pretentious. being elitist is okay. just don’t be too vocal about it, or it’s mistaken for pretentiousness.
14) good ideas are meant to be borrowed.
15) learn to love people for their flaws, not in spite of them.
16) memorize the positions of the freckles on your body. have a story for each of your scars.
17) seek out the people that don’t make you feel inferior, and stick with them as much as possible.
18) spend a lot of time looking at yourself naked in the mirror.

painting above by Kurt Halsey



  1. I was wondering, do you mind if I quote this in my blog?
    I will reference it from yours, and include a link to this site.

  2. oh of course! go for it! :D it's all about sharing positivity!


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