things i love this week

oh my! this post is much overdue! lets see what's making my heart skip a beat this week...

1. Felicity: i know, i know, i've already gushed about this show once... dedicated an entire post to it.. whatever! i seriously just LOVE this show! i've had the series collection for about a week and since last saturday, I've watched 20 episodes. it seems a little excessive maybe, but i was pretty sick saturday-mon/tuesday so i watched a ton of them while lazin' around at my parents' house. if you've never seen it, watch it! i get so wrapped up in it i guess because i manage to make some of the same stupid decisions that Felicity does. :)

2. Vegan Spring Rolls: mom brought some home while i was visiting and made them for me on a whim because she gets worried about me not being able to eat anything [she's unaware of how much vegan food really is out there] so i tried them. they were PHENOMENAL! like, really. i've been sustaining life on them the past couple of days haha i made two yesterday and Adam came over. I'd barely eaten half of the first one and he scarfed the remaining 1.5 down and exclaimed how amazing they were. and all this time he's been telling me i'm ~ridiculous for being vegan. silly!

3. Sunday-Tuesday nights of this past week: all of them were spent with some of my most favorite people. Sunday & Monday Bryan and I went on so many intoxicated adventures and I'm not sure how we got there or why we went but all I know is that we ended up at the old churt pit that my friends and I would go drink at my senior year of high school and we laid on top of the car and had some intense conversations about the galaxy and stars and how we could have been the only 2 people in the world to witness the insanely amazing meteor that we saw. and Tuesday was spent with Elle and we got lunch, great conversation. saw The Ugly Truth, and then stocked up on vegan pizza and junk food for a night of festivities at the house. My roommate, Ginger (his nickname that he doesn't know he has yet), joined us for some and Bryan even drove up to kick it. We ended the night by watching SHARK WEEK on DVD while inebriated. amazing!

4. The Ugly Truth: one word: amazing! Elle and I saw it Tuesday (as i just told you above) and maybe we're a little late on the wagon but we loved it. the crude humor and katherine heigl... always a winning combination!

5. my new notebooks for this semester at school: yeah.. thats right.. that one right there is for my Art History class. it's totally the ~Jo. Bros. and yes, I am indeed a senior in college. my other two are disney princesses. don't hate!

6. Books, books, books!: currently I have a stack of books *THIS* tall to read. I'm in the middle of Anna Maxted's "Running in Heels" (I really do love her & I recommend her to anyone who enjoys books by Sophie Kinsella [ala ~confessions of a shopaholic]. she's humorous and great), Sophie Kinsella's newest novel "Twenties Girl", Anna Maxted's "Behaving Like Adults" and Elle's book she's lending me "My So-Called Freelance Life". As you can tell, Sophie Kinsella and Anna Maxted are the top contenders for my favorite author ever.

7. Handwritten penpal letters: i just received a letter from my lovely friend Miss Bea :D Maybe it still goes along with the care packages I wrote of last time but I'm on a kick. I can't help it. Something about someone taking the time to handwrite things to you, and I feel like theres a sense of security and you can divulge things you wouldn't necessarily write on the internet. I'm excited to write her back. Speaking of penpals, one of my best friends in the ENTIRE world is because we were penpals. I met Jessica on DJ (an old counterpart of LiveJournal) years and years ago, like my freshman year of high school maybe?! we started writing each other letters and we got so close, and I finally got to meet her one year when Adam and I flew out to San Francisco. She drove up from Orange County and she's come up to see me when I go to SF since! We'd send each other birthday packages, etc. I really do love that girl so so much and she knows so much more about me than a lot of my friends I see every day. 2,500 miles might seem like a lot but we make it work :D

8. O'More College of Design: This is where I go to school. I started my ~senior year on thursday (well, it's my 4th year at O'More but I have three semesters left, as I graduate in December 2010... hayyy 5th year senior!) haha but anyway, as much as I'm nervous of a new year, it was so nice to see familiar faces on Thursday and Friday. This semester will definitely test my willpower and strength as a designer, but I'm fortunate in the fact that my class (all 12 of us) are really close and we're all friends. Theres no catty, underhanded conspiracies or anything. We're all willing to help each other out. And the campus is beautiful. You can't help but be inspired. All of our classes are basically in old Civil War houses and mansions. It's sure as heck haunted, but as long as you aren't alone at night it's not too creepy. Though doors have been known to slam themselves during class in the daytime. Here's to a new year!

9. Jacuzzi bathtubs: ahhh relaxation! it's like having the convenience of a hot tub in your own bathroom. My bathtub will soo easily and comfortably sit 2 or 3 people. I should have a bathroom party haha my shower is also big enough for like 7 people and it has a seat. ridiculous. we've joked that my bathroom is straiiiight out of a porno (and one wall is floor to ceiling mirrors, as my closet is behind the mirrored sliding doors). crazy. speaking of jacuzzi baths... i'm going to go indulge in one now.

I'll cut the ~things i love this week short to only 9. sorry for the lack of photos in this post, too. i really just do not like how blogger does the image embedding. hmmm. my head is pounding and i need some R&R.


What are some things you're loving this week?


  1. kaelah, do you actually listen to the jonas brothers? that would make me very happy. i love this list.

  2. On the topic of pen pals, I live in Georgia, and two of my best friends were in Texas,and another in Florida,and I wrote each of them literally every day.
    I'd send pictures and draw in the margins and all of that stuff.
    We'd make bracelets and send them back and forth, and I still have all of those things.
    I know they will be even more important to me one day.
    They've been too lazy to write for about a year, and I'm dying for a new pen pal.
    It just seems like no one cares enough anymore for things like that.

  3. i totally know what you mean! i just recently enlisted a few girls to do package swaps with (and im currently behind but im trying!) and its little gestures like that that really go a long way! if you're interested in getting in on it, youer' more than welcome! you can email me at kaelahbee at gmail dot com! :D


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