Things I Love Thursday

This one will be short but sweet! I'm crossing my fingers we get a ton done for the wedding today, but I'm a bit worried! Plus it's going to rain on our wedding day... and we didn't have a back up plan (100% of the wedding was/is supposed to be outdoors). The past few days have been Stress City. Just one of those things I guess... Onto happier things!

this hilarious pup. ♥
this head-swap picture is just too much! ♥
this squirrel with pizza ♥
this papercutting ♥
this photo is creepy but also nice. ♥
this tutorial on making your own "my size" dress form ♥
these "cinemagraphs" look so tiny + neat! ♥
this outfit. ♥
this haunted house takes your picture! genius! (more pics at link) ♥

// I love this Sand + Burgundy handmade clay dish from Magic Moon! Perfect tray for jewelry, I think!

// Roxy dressed up as Katniss Everdeen last year for Halloween. I'm 99.9999% sure she nailed it. 

// 19 Surprising Facts about Toddlers. Hilarious. And true.

// Kelsi shared a post on "Retro Home Decor Love" and it's pretty much perfect.

// The Rise Of The Needy Man. Also a very insightful read.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Oh, I hope things work out with the weather- I'm sure you'll come up with something that will work great!

  2. My advice to you as you head toward your wedding day: let it all go. If it rains, if one decoration is out of place, if the music is all wrong and nobody's dancing, IT DOESN'T MATTER because at the end of the day you have a husband. So much shit went wrong at our wedding and I decided to not let it get to me...I'm SO happy I made that choice because I was able to enjoy the day for what it was and everyone absolutely loved it.

    Also, the day goes by like, SUPERNATURALLY fast. Take a moment, or a couple of moments, and just take in all that is going on around you. Seriously, I thought it was like 4pm (our wedding was at 2) and turns out it was 7 and people were leaving! Also, the next day (or as soon as you can) get on your computer or get a notepad and write EVERYTHING down, every detail you remember. I did this and I was surprised how many little things I forgot.

    Some unsolicited advice :) Lots of love for you guys, good luck!

  3. I always like your link collections, always interesting stuff
    I hope everything goes really well for you this weekend for your wedding

  4. Love these posts :) I hope you have the most wonderful wedding day! xx

  5. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry it is going to rain on your wedding day! It is will out I am sure and by the end of the day you will be married to the man you love! I love the first photo!
    Almost Endearing

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  6. Oh gosh, the animal pictures you post always make me laugh! (Well, except maybe that bird one.) Also, thanks for sharing those Jezebel articles! I've been reading their site for years and I'm glad you've been reading it too! :)


  7. Hehe love these! Thanks for the inspiration Kaelah and best of luck with the wedding love. Sending you good vibes so it doesn't rain ♥ xx

  8. omg those haunted house pics made me laugh :)

  9. Those haunted house pictures just made my day!

  10. Best of luck in pulling everything together in these final days.

  11. oh that flower jacket is so lovely.
    and the picture of the pup is adorable :)
    thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow! Make your own dressform?

  13. So excited to see Maddie on here! She's my fave. What a cute picture!

    Good luck this weekend! Sending good vibes your way. I'm so excited! xoxo

  14. Love that Katniss costume! She looks awesome. Good luck this weekend! Can't wait to see your pictures. I'll send happy thoughts your way on Saturday :)

  15. I know it sucks, because it happened to me, but rain on your wedding day is good luck. Stay positive!

  16. A quick anecdote to show you that rain chances aren't always right:
    My brother's wedding (this past June in Texas) had a 98% chance of rain the day of. This was super exciting/disappointing because we're in a drought, but of course of all days....
    The clouds started rolling in 20 minutes before the ceremony. My future sister-in-law was freaking out as they started to prepare the rain plan. As soon as her dad started to walk her down the aisle (to "Here Comes the Sun") the sun came out and did that really pretty thing it does when it peeks through rain clouds and shines brighter than ever!

    It was almost too perfect to be planned. I'll be sending non-rain vibes your way and wish the best for you and Mike as you start this new little chapter in your lives!

  17. I am so glad you chose that exact photo from the Nightmares haunted house.

    That whole family looks like muppets in that photo. I laugh every time I see it!!

    Don't stress about the rain, or any of those things out of your control today, your wedding, or ever. You will nail the things you have power over, and no body could fault you for the rest.


  18. I hope that the weather people are wrong - they always tend to be anyways. Either way, I hope you have a beautiful and magical day. You have put so much hard work in to this day. I am sure it will be perfect not matter what :]

    That squirrel with the pizza - ahaha. I am hungry now.

  19. great post, as always!
    that squirrel is awesome, haha.
    xo, cheyenne

  20. I love the my size dress form. I would really love to make one but cannot tell what all the items are needed to make it. Could you explain what they are for me.


  21. This is all excellent, very entertaining! That dog made me chuckle!


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