Things I Love Thursday

Posting this way later in the day than I'd like, and keeping it short but sweet this week!
these awesome prints in Holly's Etsy (here's her site!) ♥
this awesome photo♥
these unpublished photos from the 50's. they shed a lot of light on life in the era of segretation ♥
this. ♥
the kickstarter for this documentary: DragDad. ♥
the only reason i watch the kardashians: scott. ♥
these hyper-realistic paintings by huber de lartigue ♥
♥ this is the best gif. (excuse the quality!) ♥

this simple yet profound message. ♥
♥ this looks dreamy! ♥
Other Awesome Stuff:
// Play a fun "monster" video game for your chance to win a share of $200,000? Yeah? I'm in. This is probably all I'll be doing today haha!

// Emily shared her "Part 3: Guide to Happiness" on her blog! (She's also sharing her favorite things over on Rachel's blog!) The internet makes the world a small place :)

// I love this post from Natasha.

// Diana shared the "Truth Behind Instagram Photos" on Twitter yesterday. My thoughts: Pretty spot on. ;)

// All I'm going to say about this shop is: BOWS! SO MANY PRETTY BOOOOWWWWSSS!

// I'm a huge fan of Kickstarter campaigns and I love to fund the ones that speak to me. I loved seeing the Faraday Proteur bicycle and I can only hope to see one in real life one day! (And maybe wish I had $3.5k to spend on a bike haha) So glad they hit their goal!

// Wishlist Wears: these leggings are AMAZINNNGG. (I know they're very Black Milk-esque, but I love them) -- more galaxy print stuff: This dress! Out of this world. -- This mid-century rocking chair! (I know I can't wear it, but c'mon!) -- Kissing tortoise belt! -- Vintage Chanel swimsuit! -- Pretty yellow dress.

// Now until August 6th you can save $50 on the Photoshop Elements/Premier Elements 10 bundle! Check that out HERE! If you'd rather buy Elements by itself, you can save 30% off the list price HERE! :) If you've been wanting to snag it but not shell out the cash, it's your lucky day.  

Happy Thursday!


  1. i'm having a horrible day. scratch that horrible year. but your things i love thursdays always bring a smile to my face :)

  2. I WANT TO PET ALL THE DOGS ALWAYS! haha that is so perfect! :)

  3. Love it!! I always get excited when my google reader shows a "Things I love Thursday" post from Little Chief Honeybee :-)
    You find the neatest things to show!!

  4. I love everything! The gigantic hair bows! The "Reality" art! The turtle gif! Ahhhhh!

    Et tu, tutu?

  5. Oh my goodness, I cannot stop looking at the hyper realistic painting and the "face reality as it is" image. So cool.

  6. Oh my, Kaleah, I just ordered the "All I Want is To Pet All the Dogs" T-shirt. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Those prints! I want them all, and scatter them around my house to inspire me to consume less and create more!
    Also, please keep the funny animal gifs coming. That raccoon and cat one from last week is still totally killing me. Awesome.

  8. OMG, that Scott pic just cracked me up! So funny!
    Savannah Marie

  9. I love those 'Make Something' posters! And that Drag Dad documentary looks awesome!

  10. ... but Scott is so ugly -- physically and personality-wise!!

    1. haha i'm not disagreeing with you! i don't find him "attractive" but i love his character. he/his character is just something else entirely! :P

  11. Love that outdoor scene - looks like a perfect party setting.

  12. lovely post! amazed by those amazing lip paintings!!! xx

  13. Pretty sure I love everything you love this Thursday too! Such good picks!



  14. Take me to that dreamy scene any day, i wouldn't leave! Thanks for sharing the things you love! x

  15. love that first print!
    xo, cheyenne

  16. That wall message is SO awesome!! And I love Scott too!! He makes that show watchable! xo

  17. Seriously, Scott is the only reason to watch the Kardashians. I especially love when he makes fun of Kim. He's hilarious!

  18. Oh my God, too many amazing things this week!

    I love those prints. Very pretty!

    The photos are amazing. I can't imagine a time like that. It's hard to believe it was so recent.

    I cannot believe that those lips are a painting! Hyper realism freaks me out!! And that optical illusion is pretty freaky as well!


  19. Loved that dog banner, cracked me up!

  20. saving that petting all the dogs to make into a birthday card for a friend--it's her all over! and I've got big outdoor film urges at the moment (but the warmth has gone away) x

  21. nebula leggings. i'm thinking of all the outfits i could make more fun with them. i'm thinking these are a necessity.

  22. I love these posts! You really make them fun and beautiful :)x

  23. Wonderful images. Poor turtle!

  24. I love these!! you find the cutest stuff.


  25. the ladies in the 50s picture look fabulous! and i love the dog picture beneath it..i want to pet all of the dogs, too :))


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