Things I Love Thursday

the human skin tone project is so neat! ♥
♥ someone needs to send me a copy of this
♥ srsly. willow smith rules! you go girl.♥
this shark comic ♥
this is cute ♥
best wine label ever? yep. ♥
♥ i love these captchas ♥
this is all i've said to myself this week ♥
♥ i seriously love workaholics. do you watch?! ♥
this is where i want to be. ♥

Other Awesome Stuff:
// Need a late night cupcake pick-me-up? Washingtonians are in luck! Sprinkles is launching a 24/7 cupcake dispensary (basically like an ATM!) outside of their Georgetown bakery. Um yes please?! (Apparently there's already one in Beverly Hills. California is always ahead of the curve) The story in itself is an awesome one. I love seeing female-run ventures succeed!

// Texas A&M students create a human wall to protect soldier's funeral from Westboro Baptist Church. And they'll be here in Nashville on Sunday.

// Moe just shared her frustrations with balancing a 9-5 job and her indie biz, and talks about taking the plunge into a self-employed lifestyle. It's so nice to not feel so alone in the world! Good luck, lady!

// Wishlist Wears: Turquoise + stripe bow flats! -- Blue + white polka dot dress -- Lilac + white polka dot dress -- The cutest tortoise sunglasses for under $20 -- Mustard yellow motorcycle jacket, oh em gee! -- !!!!!!! These are the best flats ever! Ahh, why do they have to be sold out in my size?! (They're also in black!)

// I'm eyeball deep in "to dos" for the wedding in October and I don't even want to think about hand-addressing 100+ invitations (even though that's totally proper etiquette). I've been toying with the idea of a stamp or something and I love some of these! (PS: Have you checked out the Hollywould Blvd blog yet?! Holly is a sweet friend and a total gem!)

// Pretty sure this is both the coolest and maybe grossest thing ever: Two film students swallowed 35mm film and let their body do the developing. I'm sure you can guess how they retrieved it... But look at the photos! Awesome.

// "Contemporary American kids may represent the most indulged young people in the world." Incredibly eye-opening article.

// Emily took a little camping trip to Colorado (I've always wanted to go!) and then she wrote an awesome post about how to make sure your roadtrip doesn't tank! (I'm itching to go somewhere!)

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What are you loving this week?


  1. That wine label is pretty priceless! Hehe! I've seen one of those Sprinkles cupcake dispensers- whoa! Totally cool, and really amazing how the cupcake comes out looking perfect still! Awesome idea!

    xo Kayla

  2. This has been one of my favourite Things I Love Thursday posts in a while. I adore the Instagram pics and the shark stuff. Hehe. :)

    Et tu, tutu?

  3. My man and I watch Workaholics. To add something even better, when my man grows out his hair to an afro stage, he looks A LOT like Blake Anderson.

    P.S. Emily better be lucky she did not have to drive through the Denver mountains during a snow-storm like I did. Pretty scary, but her trip looked amazing!

  4. I graduated from/work at Texas A&M. very proud of what our little community pulled off <3

    and omg, I love those stamps from Holly!!

    good luck addressing the envelopes! my MOH's gift to me was doing the calligraphy for all the invites. It was amazing to watch her work! (we did it during finals, so she was thankful for the distraction, lol)

  5. The swallowing 35mm film is such a cool idea. Also, love the A&M wall - a good friend of mine lost her fiance in Iraq back in '05 and his funeral was one of the first that the WBC protested. Luckily a bunch of bikers formed a similar wall (and revved their engines to drown out the protesters), but still...what a fucking terrible group of people.

  6. I've got *mad love* for Workaholics! ♥

  7. Oh my goodness! The hamsters (or maybe guinea pigs?) eating watermelon are adorable!!

  8. I love the picture of the kitty with all the bubbles. Bubbles + Cats = Always a good time :D

  9. aw man..the 35mm film experiment is so tight! love the pantone skin project and workaholics haha luke used to have a huge blake afro in highschool!

  10. There are so many great things here! I loved the spoiled children article, the willow smith article & the westbero protest article was moving. Thanks for a great post!

    Xoxo Sarah

  11. That Willow Smith reaction was just wonderful. My little sister is 11, and I wish she had more powerful, unique female role models. I should send her the link.
    The digestion developed film is also really cool. The images are so crisp and haunting even on a large scale. Neat!

  12. I addressed 100+ invitations for my mama's wedding which is in two weeks, it was one heck of a job but they looked so good when they were done! I advise good snacks and a decent soundtrack!

  13. I went to the cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills last month and it was so neat! Took a ton of pictures of course, haha.

  14. Hell yeah Workaholics!! Every episode is SO funny, we love it! We keep telling people to watch but no one seems to be catching on so we keep calling it "our best kept secret that we share with the world". Haha! So happy to hear someone else watches and enjoys it as much as we do!

  15. LOVE Workaholics. I just became addicted to how funny it really is. And have been obsessively watching past epiosdes the last two weeks.

  16. LOVE Workaholics. I've been obsessively watching the past two weeks, to get caught up.

  17. that shark doodle is ADORABLE! and that wine bottle I reblogged earlier this week; I need to get it for my ex roommate! anddd I've watched my first episode of workaholics ever this week. I'm still on the fence:/

    Amazing post!

    XO Sahra

  18. JUST started watching workaholics. love it. crushin' on blake.

  19. my husband and i have been watching workaholics on netflix. it is so hilarious..we are addicted and went through all the episodes available in 2 days..good stuff!

  20. That Pantone project is so cool! You put up some awesome links, too. Happy Thursday!

  21. I love the wine label! And that typography is just so perfect!

  22. <3 your links :)

    And whenever my boyfriend and I have a bad day we immediately crawl in bed to watch workaholics. Also, if I have a really bad day- Malcolm in the Middle and other 90's sitcoms.

  23. Your ideas inspire others because you do things with passion, keep on!

  24. OMG the Guinea Pigs eat the watermelon is TOO cute! :D My other favorites are the cat with the bubbles and the plate of fruit. <3 TILT is just one more reason to love Thursday! :)

  25. is it weird I think that shark is kinda sexy? lots of great links here, thanks! especially enjoyed the guys swallowing, pooping + photographing film! x

  26. LOL @ laura fox re: sexy shark!!! i looked back and he kinda does! ;)

    Wanted to comment and say I LOOOOVE workaholics!! Blake's my fave. you?

  27. Heehee that shark napkin is too cute. Your Things I Love Thursdays are my favorite!

    I do have to say though, I was excited to read that Washingtonians are getting a cupcake ATM and surprised I hadn't heard about it. But then I realized you meant D.C. not Washington State. Darn!

  28. OMG. Accident wink faces.. ugh.

  29. Thanks for including my photo of Arnold in this mix :), you always find the best stuff. That story about how those film students swallowed film is interesting. I just read the story and all the comments!


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