Weekend Recap: iPhone Photo Edition

Be forewarned. All of the photos you are about to see are courtesy of my iPhone. Meaning they may lack in quality and be a bit silly, but you get what you get, kay? Haha. I have a ton more photos from our other cameras but I need to get the film developed and sit down to go through my DSLR. There's more coming, I swear. And this is really a "what we ate" and "what I bought" type post anyhow.

On Thursday, I took off of work so I could take the train to Queens and then a bus to the airport to get Mike. My train was slow and my bus was late (and packed!). I got to the airport about 30 minutes after Mike had landed. I was walking into baggage claim when he ran up behind me. Man was I happy to see him! We got back on a bus and did the same thing over again. Train back to Manhattan. Checked into my place and went from there. We decided to head up to Times Square to go to the Forever 21 for a bit and we grabbed some quick/cheap lunch at Olive Garden (I KNOW! SO not New Yorker of me, but I was starving!) After a few fun hours uptown, we headed back down to my apartment, rented some movies and got some dinner. (We watched Youth in Revolt and it wasn't funny at all!)

what a weird pose, i know! i look like i'm trying to be a weirdo preggo haha

dress: a'gaci, flip flops: old navy (what a lame outfit post haha)

Friday was a bit of a blur. I know we headed to Canal St and SoHo for a bit, then we stopped by Red Bamboo for some yummy vegan lunch (with the best salad and spring rolls ever!). Eventually we happened upon the East Village and I used my ridiculous amounts of Urban Outfitters giftcards to snag a few things. We ended up watching She's Out Of My League (we both loved that movie in theaters and it was just as funny at home!). (and I don't even remember what I wore! This is why I can't wait a few days to post! I always forget!)

Saturday we woke up with the intention of going to get pancakes for breakfast (well, I did) and then going to Centra Park to lounge for a few hours and relax. We ate at the Lyric Diner on 2nd and 22nd before loading up our stuff, buying some fresh fruit, and heading to a few Barnes and Nobels around the city so I could get my hands on a copy of Eat, Pray, Love (finally!). I want to read it before the movie comes out. I also snagged a new Anna Maxted book for only $5! I love her! I seriously recommend her if you like "chick flick" type books. So funny! After hitting up the B&N on the Upper East Side at 86th St, we walked over to Central Park, found a shaded place on the Great Lawn and hung out for a few hours. It was so great to people watch and just be able to hang out. I feel like the city makes us think we have to be go go go all the time. It was nice to just.... stay. I wrote several penpals back so be on the lookout, y'all! After all of that, we headed back downtown, back to the supermarket to get stuff for dinner and then to Kmart to grab a few things. We came home and cooked some yummy veggie stirfry and watched Love Happens (love that movie!). We also had a fun conversation at 2am about childhood things. It was nice. 

And now here it is... Sunday. Mike leaves tomorrow. It's a bummer because it seems like his time flew by so quickly. Then again, so is my time. I've already been here a month and I move back in just over 4 weeks. There are things I definitely miss about Tennessee and I'm excited about things that will happen upon my return, but I really have no strong desire to leave (as per usual). I'm not too sure what we'll get into today. We talked about doing another picnic in the park so that might be nice. No real plans or anything. I'm not sure where you can see the fireworks but I'm not too worried about that I guess. It'd be nice to just go read some books. Part of me wants to read Eat, Pray, Love right now... then part of me wants to read the Anna Maxted book (beacause I always enjoy them SO much!) AND I have a new Encyclopedia of Sharks to dive into! (dork moment!) We've been taking a lot of teensy polaroids with our Instax so I'll have to post those soon! Now I have to go find an outfit to wear! 

I think I'm going to do a weekend round-up of all the outfits worn so I have more time to put the photos together! If you celebrate the 4th of July, Happy Independence Day! If you don't, Happy Sunday! I hope it's a great one! (and please remind me to never go 3 days without a real update again! It's too stressful!)


PS; I was given TWO blog awards by three lovely ladies. Each requires 15 tags so I probably won't do that but I will say thanks so much to Lynzy, Cherry Red Studio, and Maisie! Thanks ladies!

PPS; If you've ever done a feature on me, my blog, or my etsy, please send me a link to it! I'm going to compile them all with links and screenshots in a post under "features" or whatever! So if you've ever interviewed me or anything like that, be sure to send me your info so I can add it and people can stop by and see!

PPPS (gah!); If you want to get your hands on a ton of Urban Outfitters (or Starbucks, J Crew, iTunes, etc) giftcards like above, just sign up by CLICKING HERE! Totally legit site, I promise. You get like 50% off of designer stuff and all that jazz. And you get giftcards for getting people to join. :) Easy peezy! 


  1. wow you must be having loads of ridiculous fun :) glad that you got to spend some time with your loved one ^^
    and all your outfit posts are wonderful! you have killer legs.

  2. looks like you guys are having a amazing time!!! & i love that white dress on you!!! & those spring rolls look so good. they are like on my top 10 list for favorite foods. xoox

  3. WOW! I love that white dress! The texture is perfect! Where is it from?!!! Did you get a chance to try pinkberry yet?

  4. Im seconding Ashley's Q, Loving that white dress, where did you get that great find?! And glad you and Mike could enjoy each others company in this awesome city!

  5. You look adorable in that lacy blue shirt/dress. I hope you got it! :) And girl, I know how great it feels to spend time with the one you love after being apart for so long. Long distance sucks! But it makes the time you get to spend together extra special when it happens :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend together!!

  6. OMG OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sailorish dress you have on. It's PERFECT! &the food looks yummy!

  7. yummy foods and picnics in ny. perfect! :D


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