Things I Love Thursday

Here is this week's round-up of all things wonderful! ♥

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Tennessee: I'm excited to become a Tennessean once more tomorrow. Flying into Nashville and I'll be back in my hometown around 10pm. I miss the green scenery and the not-so-polluted air. Oh, and the southern hospitality, too! (I really miss that!). I'm excited about the next few weeks for Mike and I (and Georgia!) and I'm extra excited about moving into our new home and making it our own. Lots of lovely art, yes? Yes! 

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New York City: I'd be lying if I said going back to Tennessee would be all fun and games tomorrow. I'm going to miss this place, just like last year. The convenience, the ability to get a workout just going to the store, the ability to have "me" time even in a city of 9 million people. The architecture and the something-is-always-going-on vibe. Mike loves it here, too. Hopefully we'll have a more permanent residence next year that doesn't expire in just a few short months. (And who could forget BUST?! Seriously.. the most amazing magazine to work for. I feel so inspired - and blessed - every single day.)

1Aeon Clothing Co.: [ SHOP / BLOG ] Handmade screenprinted tees with rad designs all done by one legit dude? Um yes! I may be a bit biased but it's not hard to see how legit 1Aeon is. Hopefully I'll have something nice for you next week! Until then, go follow the blog or peruse the Etsy! Snag yourself up something real niceeee. 

Nan Lawson illustrations: [ SHOP / BLOG ] The sweet illustration style of Nan Lawson is absolutely adorable. It's reminiscent of Kurt Halsey and being that I sport at KH half sleeve tattoo, I'm in awe over Nan's aesthetic. She even does (or did?) custom couples portraits for a fee. I'm definitely planning on snagging one of Mike and I (and maybe Baby G?) if she's not too covered over! Check out her blog and Etsy for the most adorable little things!

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Drunk Kitty: Well, he's really only sedated after a trip to the vet. Don't worry, no animal mistreatment here! Poor guy, he just looks so confused!

FYeahStrangeFinds on Tumblr: I follow this tumblr because it's full of mega WUT and WTFs. New things every day!

What are YOU loving this week?



  1. Tennessee looks gorgeous!! Have a safe flight!

  2. fyi It's hot down this way, but in 2 months it will be the most beautiful place on earth!
    <3~ a fellow Tennessee belle

  3. As a Nashvillian (formerly Ohioan) of the last 8 years, I wish you a hearty welcome home! The south is a great place to be!

  4. Further giving me reason to move south. I have been wanting to for awhile its just hard to pick where.

  5. Wow would it be cool to go to New York :)

  6. when you get back in tennessee we MUST get together somehow!!!!

  7. ohhh booo... i miss tennessee. i am so jealous you get to go back. i am stuck in WV. do me a favor drive to Chattanooga & tell my parents hello for me. :) xoxo

  8. I'm loving:
    Ms.Meyers Basil cleaner spray
    having a good job
    I got out of a toxic friendship

  9. That cat looks just like my
    your blogposts are always cool

  10. Mail - esp international ones with a NY postmark hehe
    Films - Saw Leap Year on Monday and Inception yesterday - might watch Nanny McPhee later or go and see Toy Story 3.
    Friends - they are just so lovely!

  11. I love this list! I need to check out FYeahStrangeFinds! Sounds so fun.

  12. jealous you get to be in tennessee. miss that place.


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